Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) Guide: Cheats, Tips, and Secrets

Welcome to our guide to Marvel’s Spider-Man or, simply, Spider-Man , Insomniac Games’ new commitment to the sandbox genre with superheroes. And with none other than one of the best-known characters in the comics!

Ready to fully explore New York City? With our guide you will leave absolutely nothing without getting. We tell you everything so you can squeeze the game 100% without any problem.


The Spider-Man story introduces us to a Peter Parker who has been the official protector of New York for a few years . When we meet him, Parker is about to end the crime. However, putting Wilson Fisk in the shade won’t fix anything … rather it will complicate it.

The game is divided into three acts , each with its own main, secondary, and boss missions. If you want, you can follow our Complete History Guide with ideas, tricks, secrets, and tips to leave you nothing as you go along .


Spoiler-free guide!

Side quests

As you progress through the story, you will discover several side missions that you can complete. While most are fairly simple and based solely on helping New Yorkers, there is a shadow hidden in them. A gigantic and lethal shadow . If you want more details, we will tell you everything about the secondary Missions: when, where and how to complete them all , so that you don’t miss a single one.


One of the characteristics of Spider-Man is the numerous variety of costumes that he has worn over the years. The Insomniac game was not going to be any different and offers us more than two dozen outfits to choose from. eye! It is not just something aesthetic! Each suit will give us access to a new power, and we can improve them using modifiers. If you do not want to leave you none, we tell you how to get all the costumes of Spider-Man . We will also tell you all about modifiers .


This is one of those games with tons of collectibles and optional content aside from the secondary ones. From the backpacks that will give us details about Peter’s past, to the challenges that someone has scattered around New York to test us.

We give you all the information on how to get all the Collectibles in the game, how to overcome the puzzles, challenges, tests and everything that is waiting for you between the buildings.


As a scientist and inventor, Peter Parker has numerous tools at his disposal to use against enemies. From the simplest of cobwebs to entangle enemies with modern anti-gravity suspension devices. Do you want to know everything about this junk? Do not worry, we give you all the information about the gadgets of Spider-Man .


To get all the Suits and Gadgets we will need to accumulate Tokens , which work like currency to buy these things. Getting them is easier than it seems, although it will take you a while to get enough … Find out where and how to get Tokens .


Our character has various abilities, both active and passive , which give us new abilities and constantly provide us with benefits. So that you do not have problems, we show you all the skills and which are the best .

DLC: The city that never sleeps

The City That Never Sleeps is a series of downloadable content that extends the story beyond what the main plot tells us. As they launch, we will tell you everything about them: missions, enemies, costumes, secrets …

Trophy Guide

Spider-Man offers fairly affordable Platinum, with difficulty not too high. The big downside will be having to get all the Collectibles, but it should not be very difficult for you to get 100% in about 35 or 40 hours. If you want to know everything, we bring you the Game Trophy Guide .


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