Feynman Technique;4 Universal Steps For Learning Anything

Feynman Technique has understood that there is an important difference between “knowing something” and “knowing the name of something”: his technique can help anyone to learn any topic better and faster.Richard Feynman is one of the greatest theoretical physicists.It was his method that enabled him to learn what he wanted.He received the  Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965.He said;

” I do not know what’s wrong with people: they do not learn by understanding; they learn in other ways.Their knowledge is so fragile! “

Feynman Technique;4 Universal Steps For Learning Anything

The basic idea of ​​this technique is to actively read the study material and then try to explain it in a simple way,  as if we were addressing a child or a person with less knowledge on the subject. This type of learning is assessed as an active methodology, because, by explaining the material we are studying.We should use another language and different strategies. In this way, it will be much easier to notice mistakes and learn more effectively.

The 4 Steps of The Feynman Technique

Feynman’s technique consists of 4 simple steps. Let’s see what they consist of.

First Step

To begin with, you need to take a piece of paper and write down the name of the concept you are  studying . For example, if we are studying the Pythagorean theorem we should write it on the top of the sheet.
According to Feynman, to learn quickly, you need to write a concept on a piece of paper the concept you want to learn. 

You have to repeat it or illustrate it as if you were in a classroom and there were small elementary school students in front of you. The still obscure points in your mind will immediately catch the eye, requiring further preparation effort.

Second Step

Once the concept is written, we must describe it in our own words with simple language , as if we were explaining it to another person . . Ask yourself questions, find explanations: do so until you can get back to point 1 by simply illustrating each step.

Third Step

The third passage of the Feynman technique consists in rereading everything we have written with the aim of identifying the parts that are not perfectly explained.Use simple analogies, metaphors, diagrams and more. At this point you should be masters of the subject.

After following these simple steps, If our explanation is not yet comprehensible, it may be that we have not fully understood what has been studied. In this case, we should start the process from the beginning.

Fourth Subject;Review, organize and simplify

Review your work so far while simplifying the language even more (make sure you are using your own words and not jargon about the material you have studied).Illustrate with examples and, if necessary, connect concepts and draw analogies to strengthen your understanding. The goal is to organize all content into a simple flowing story.


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