What is Fbf;(Friday’s Flashback )

Fbf corresponds to Friday’s flashback , which is an English term whose translation means “Friday of hindsight”. This term can also be translated as “Friday of the flashback” or “Friday of the past fact”. It is a kind of slang used in social networks as hashtag .

The hashtags may consist of one or more words written generally without accent and without spaces between them. The main function is to create categories of subjects that become searchable in some social networks.

For information about the World Cup, for example, just search #copadonna on social networks or search engines.

Learn more about the meaning of  hashtag .

Using #fbf 

Social networking users often use #fbf as a photo or image caption from the past that brings nostalgia for good times.

As the term itself suggests, this type of posting accompanied by  #fbf is done on Fridays.

#fbf and #tbt

The first hashtag with this purpose to recall a moment of the past was #tbt, decoded as a throwback Thursday . This expression emerged in 2006 when a shoe brand called Nice Kicks created a section called  Throwback Thursday  for publications about old models.

Since then, the section has been updated every Thursday.

Both hashtags (#fbf and #tbt) are used for the same purpose of remembering the past, however  #tbt is published on Thursdays and #fbfon Fridays. Therefore, it is up to each user to decide when they want to make their post and choose the appropriate option.

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