Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Ninja Wipeout, the game

Fall Guys is talked about a lot. Many times in twitter trend, the new party game distributed by Devolver ignites the networks and makes quite honorable scores. Released just a week ago, is the hype deserved or is this a wet firecracker for Mediatronic ?

It is advisable to reveal a little the goal of the game. Well the fallen gentlemen (We are in France we speak french) is a party game / battle royal which takes place in several rounds. At the start you are sixty and as the trials progress, the number of players decreases . The gameplay revolves around the few actions that the player can perform. You can move, jump and catch (usually other players). It is therefore necessary to lead a Fall Guys in a series of various tests, most of them play on the physics of the characters and their movement. Thus, there are for example several obstacle courses, team games where you have to bring a ball to an objective or then steal as many tails as possible by stealing them from the opposing team!

Most of the events are very funny and know how to vary the pleasures . However, the selection of events is not always good and does not allow enough skimming the number of players. there are others which are simply not very fun. I am thinking particularly of the memory exercise with the fruits that we find far too often for the little fun it brings (unless we want to bring down others…). Result? Short sessions that follow one another until late at night when you are well accompanied. You can attend all the tests once eliminated to see who wins or directly restart a new game.

The best test


Between Valorant and Warzone, a little Fall Guys?

This is not a blackfriday but the first test of a Fall Guys session

Fall Guys has been in the video game news a lot lately. Yet the game does not seem to have such great ambitions… And yet! At first glance,  he has great potential in streaming . His clumsy side and a little WTF, as the youtubers say, make him a choice song to stream. Several streamers gave it their all. At the time of writing, the game is still the most streamed on twitch! It looks like a breath of fresh air between the heatwave and especially the competitive games ! After Valorant or another battle royal like Hyper Scape , the game chooses to leave the ultra-competitive formula. An oasis of fun in a competitive desert, I take it every day!

So, casu game? Not necessarily ! It turns out that as I went through this world of shimmering colors, my jelly beans and my skill got harder. With my Pigeon skin, I got closer and closer to the top 1 to finally reach the top of my game and land it. This epic tale lets say that anyone can win at Fall Guys with a little luck and some knowledge of the trials .

You will often see this screen

Be on your guard, however, in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, not everything is rosy. The other players are not altar boys and low blows are legion. So some will try to knock you down, derail your teamwork or taunt you at the finish line by blithely spamming emotes before qualifying last . If some players are indeed toxic, the advantage of a game like Fall Guys is that joy constantly reigns there, even and especially in defeat … These somewhat grotesque situations where skill is lacking, where choices are bad and where another player has targeted you.


Ephemeral success or recurring party game?

Fall Guys has been a huge success thanks to a light and extremely present communication especially on Twitter. I don’t think it’s going to last but let’s make the most of it! A “rise and fall (guys)” story as they say. Indeed, the content is sorely lacking. Between the beta and the final product, there are just a few more trials that aren’t really revolutionary . However, I hope I am wrong and the updates prove me wrong!

The only motivation: the rewards at each level, as well as the farm to push the customization and attract the eye of the eliminated spectators who follow our adventures for the qualification! Rather low motivation, then, unless you have a good group of friends . Farming is difficult for the second currency in the game: crowns. They are obtained by making high scores during games and allow you to unlock items of great rarity. These elements make it possible to stand out in this large playground that is Fall Guys. Enough to make the license a game we come back to often? Not sure … It will take a lot of time to new events, game modes (where are the private parties ???) to have the perfect party game / battle royal. Nonetheless, for now, let’s rejoice in what we have. Fall Guys? More like It’s Fun Guys!

The game has had its small effect on the net. Thanks to a good distribution of Devolver who was able to create the hype around obtaining keys for the beta and a Community Manager in overdrive, especially on twitter. The “Jelly beans” or “Fall Guys” in the manner of the Minions of Me, ugly and nasty are small, a little pudgy and above all very funny. The memes are now very numerous which promises a success at least for the summer for this new Devolver license.


Conclusion: BananeEnPyjama’s review

To conclude, I leave the floor, finally the keyboard to another editor of the team with whom I had crazy games of Fall Guys. Here is BananeEnPyjama’s review:

“What about Fall guys! Well, you have to know that like many lucky others I was able to test the new player darling from the beta weekend 2 weeks before its release. You will probably not have missed these little gentlemen in the shape of “Jelly bean” that must be dropped. Its success is unparalleled thanks to a powerful and very particular communication.

I first played with yours truly and editor JeanThib, author of the article you are reading. And pinch, what we laughed. What could be better than to make fun of a colleague who does not qualify in the first round or, on the contrary, to form an alliance and rejoice in the victory of the Jeu.Video team! I then continued my little solo test and I must admit that like any party game, when you are alone the game loses all its splendor. And we get bored very quickly.

This is why I quickly recruited friends during the last beta weekend and this is how the famous adage is confirmed: “The more the merrier, the more we laugh”. The possibilities are diverse, annoy your friends, cooperate, rejoice or jealous. You go through all the emotions. (Sorry neighbors)

Fall Guys is the ideal party game to do on a Saturday night with friends in the same vein as the famous Gang Beast. End either, dear friends I could make you a novel, but I can only advise you to try this game! Even if subjectively, its current price may be a bit high! (Count 20 euros on PC but free on Playstation for now, jump at the chance). ”


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