A few facts about the importance of hard work

You must have heard the proverb.

There is no substitute for hard work in life. In our religion, we have been emphasizing the dignity of labor as well as our own work.

Rasulekhoda (peace be upon him) said, ‘You should never seek the help of others in your work. It is not right to trust anyone else. ‘ The Prophet (peace be upon him) emphasized the importance of doing his own work, as he has shown himself to do. Regarding the importance of hard work, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “If you have a plant in your hand and you know that you will die after a while or after the resurrection, you will still plant it and die.”

Imam Ali (a.s.) said of the dignity of labor, “Will work hard, because without labor nothing has been achieved.” He adds, “Hard working people succeed in life, not intelligent lazy ones. Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) and the great priests of the Prophet’s family did their own work. So guys, let’s talk about a few things today about the importance of doing your own work or the importance of hard work. Then there will be a teaching song. And finally there will be an interview with a friend of Dhaka’s capital Dhaka. Ashrafur Rahman created the program.

On one visit, the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions got down from their vehicles. Put down their belongings at the designated place. Then everyone decided, a double slaughter meal would be prepared. One of the disciples said, “It is my responsibility to kill twice. Another said, “I took the responsibility of cutting my skin and cutting the flesh.” Another said, “It is my responsibility to cook meat. Thus the disciples divided their duties. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “It is my responsibility to collect the wood.”

Upon hearing the Prophet, a disciple said, ‘O Messenger of Allah! Why do you bother to attend? You rest We are all happily

Upon hearing the disciples, the Prophet said, ‘I know you can do this. But the Great God never loves the servant who thinks himself best and best in friends. ‘

Having said this, he went to the forest and returned shortly afterwards with fuel and wood and straw.

Guys, this is another day’s event. The convoy of the Prophet (peace be upon him) had been showing fatigue on the face of everyone for so long. The bearers were also tired. The caravan reached a place where there was some water. When the convoy stopped, Rasulekhoda came down from the camel’s back. Then he raised his legs to the water to perform oozoo. But after a few steps, he returned to his camel without saying anything to anyone. The Prophet’s companions and companions began to talk to each other in astonishment, feeling that this place was not liked by the Prophet. Maybe he’ll order you to leave now.

While everyone in the caravan waited to hear the new commandment of the Prophet, it was seen that the Prophet took the cord of camel’s waistband and began to restrict the camel’s waist. Immediately after completing the dam, he went back to the water again. At this time the disciples came from all around and said, “O Allah’s Messenger! Why didn’t you order us to do this? Why did you go to work? We were ready to do this with pride. ‘

The Prophet replied to their question, ‘You should never seek the help of others in your work. It is not right to trust anyone. Whether that work is as small or as large. ‘

The disciples were surprised to hear the Prophet’s reply.

Friends, this time we will tell about an event taken from the life of Prophet Zafar Sadiq (a.s.).

One day Imam Zafar Sadiq (a.s.) was working in his own land with a shovel in the hands of a laborer. For a long time, his whole body became soaked in sweat that he would sweat. At that time, a man called Abu Amr Shaibani came and came. He saw the sweat dripping from the body of the Imam. He thought that the imam himself was working in his own field because he could not find a laborer. So he went ahead and said, ‘O Imam! Give me the shovel I’ll do the rest.

The Imam said, “No!” In fact, I like the fact that people will work hard to earn a living and endure the sunshine to earn a living.

Friends, this time we will tell you about another incident of Ahl al-Bayt, that of Imam Muhammad Bakb (as).

The event is summer. In the hot and intense sunshine, the gardens and fields of Madinah and its surrounding fields were blazing. At that time, a man by the name of Muhammad ibn Munnqadi left the city of Medina for some purpose. Monkadir thought of himself as a great pious, God-fearing, god-fearing and worldly.

Suddenly, his gaze fell on a healthy man who was going somewhere with some of his mates, regardless of the intense sunshine. The man with the fat body meant that he was going to look after his farm.

The world-beating man wondered, “Who is this man, who has sunk into the sunshine even in the sun on this hot summer day?” Thinking about this, he quickly reached the man on foot. On approaching him, he is even more surprised that he is no one else, Muhammad bin Ali ibn al-Hussein himself. That is, Imam Muhammad Bakb (as).

The world-hating man began to think, why is this nobleman behind the world like this? By the way, I have a duty. I will give this nobleman some advice so that he can stay away from the worldly.

On seeing this, the worldly man approached Hazrat Imam Bakb (a.s.) and saluted him. The Imam replied to his salutation to wipe his sweat. The worldly man said, ‘Is it right that a gentleman like you will leave the house behind the world in the hot sun? Moreover, it is more difficult for a person with a body like you to have sun and heat. ‘

He added, ‘Who knows the news of death? Who knows when he will embrace death? Maybe your death will come right away. God forbid, what will happen to you if you die in this situation? In my opinion, it is not good for people like you to suffer in such a severe sunshine and in such extreme heat. However, I would advise you that it should never be possible for people like you to get involved in the world. ‘

Imam Bakbir (a.s.) standing on the shoulders of one of his companions, leaning against a wall, said to him, “If my death comes at this time, I will die in obeisance, and I am doing the duty bestowed by the Great God from this earth.” Goodbye As you may not know, the work I am now engaged in is an act of true obedience to God and worship. Do you think that worship of Allah is only a prayer of Allah, to pray and to pray? I too have my own life. If I don’t work and suffer, then I will have to lend a hand to you or to others like you for the things and expenses I need to live my life. I am now searching for sustenance and searching for material things so that I do not have to seek the help of others when I need them. ‘

Then the Imam said, “Fear of death should be done to the people only when he acts in favor of transgression, wrongdoing and disobedience to Allah.” Not when people are in the service of Allah. I am obeying Allah’s command at this time. Who has made it obligatory for us not to be burdened with the shoulders of others, but to provide for our livelihood through our labor. ‘

Upon hearing the Imam, the worldly man said: I was in a strange confusion and ignorance. I thought in my mind that I would advise others on this. But now I realize that I myself was in the wrong. I was living in error with a wrong idea and I needed to correct myself.

Friends, listen to a few educational events. If you read more books then you will need to know about many such incidents which took place in the life of the prophet and the priests of his family.

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