Extra income on weekends

Do you want to start a business but cannot pay full time? Don’t worry. There are plenty of business opportunities now that you can create a way to earn extra on weekends by starting these. You can start a business by targeting weekends. The following is an idea of ​​a profitable business that can be managed on weekends.

Wedding photographer

In our country most of the marriages are usually held on weekends. If you have a good camera and skills for taking pictures, then as a wedding photographer you can do this extra income on a weekend. You have to have beautiful photography and photo editing experience to manage this business. Read more – Wedding Based Business Ideas.


Blogging is a way of earning that you can manage on your own schedule. So you can start by starting a blog and posting on extra time each week. You can earn good money if you work patiently. You can blog about the topics you are proficient in.

Earn money by cleaning appliances on a weekly basis

This is a unique business idea in the context of our country. By opening an app or website you can inform your service. Barbecue machines, ACs, refrigerators, ovens, etc. can be earned at a fixed rate. You can run ads online to get customers.

Article Writer

Article Writer who writes articles or articles on specific topics for others. You can use your skills as an article writer. This can be done at home and can be used very well for the holidays. Moreover, working as an Article Writer will increase your knowledge and skills.

Graphics Design

You can spend your weekends working on graphics design. You need to ensure a limited number of subscribers for your limited schedule.

Transportation service provider

You can provide transportation services to customers using sites such as Send or Uber. You can operate this business by renting your car on different occasions if you wish. Find out – car-based business ideas

Online courses

You can manage this business by creating various online courses or training activities every weekend and selling it online. You can create a course on a subject you are passionate about. It is a slow business but can earn a lifetime.


Can you sing better You can entertain by performing music at wedding events or at various events. You can do this in a team way or in a single way.

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