Explosion or Creation – The Big Bang Theory

Where did it all come from? What is the proof?

Islam tells us that God is the Creator and the Evolver, of all that exists. We know that God did not make us evolve from monkeys, and we know that everything belongs to God. Please share this information with those who deny the existence of God. They need it.

There is a popular theory referred to as the “Big Bang” theory.

It tries to explain the existence of the universe in an evolutionary way starting with an immense explosion of some gases or solid mass. Some say that first there was a void or nothing, or maybe, some gases that then exploded from that, everything in the universe just started to evolve to the stage that we see now. There has never been any solid evidence for this idea of ​​the “something out of nothing” concept. Neither does evolutionary theory itself.

We would like to explore the idea of ​​creating a purely logical point of view using simple terminology without religious propaganda, emotional preconceptions or superstitions.

¤ What if someone called a “scientist” tells you that your “theory” of how cars are made is like this:

A rescue yard on the south side of the city explodes and all the metal parts fly into the air and fall back in one place, forming a new Chevrolet Caprice car … no parts left … and the engine is running …

¤ What if your theory about how a chair is made is:

An explosion occurs in a forest and the trees fly into the air and, suddenly, they combine with some flying cloth to make a beautiful chair … and then land in a furniture exhibition room complete with the respective table and lamp …

¤ He further explains that:

An earthquake in California’s “Silicon Valley” causes computer chips and circuit boards and other different parts to fall out of their boxes and out of their shelves and just come together while they are rolling on the floor and form the most advanced technical Computers on Earth? …

¤ Or what do you think of your “Theory of Medicine”? He states that:

A gas leak in a pharmacy warehouse causes a fantastic explosion. Do all the different chemicals and substances just crush each other in exactly the right amounts to produce a miracle drug that cures everything from cancer to heart and liver disease, old age and warts?

¤ Wait… there’s more to this:

Is it all in a formula, packaged in bottles with labels and ready to sell with no mess on the floor?

¤ Now, after all this explosion and emotion, this “scientist” talks about a great place to relax and eat. It’s his favorite place and he calls it “Burger Blast”! He says:

You just go in and sit down and suddenly, a kitchen “explosion” occurs and immediately a hamburger lands right in front of you with all the trimmings… just the way you like it with fries, a drink and even your dessert favorite?

¤ And…

Nobody works at “Burger Blast”, it just runs, it cleans itself automatically, and when you leave it, it scans your wallet to find a valid credit card and charges your bank account for what you ate?

Now the question is, “Are you really going to accept any of these things as” fact “?

Of course not!

We would not believe that a new car is made of garbage; chairs do not fall from blown trees; Earthquakes do not produce computers and explosive hamburgers do not rain on us from above. Question:

So, how come we don’t challenge a theory of something that comes out of nowhere and then crashed into the cosmos to make the universe? Is it because of its tremendous magnitude that we have little understanding of this, that we are willing to accept any theory from some Telescopic Toms to tell us that it came from “nothing”? Or just some gases collide and then … ‘Poof’ !? Instant universe? How?

Let us now move on to our main subject:

Creation or Explosion?

We can turn our attention to the Earth and the skies and make observations on our own without a “genius” scientist, telling us what we are seeing. And then the idea that nothing sustains the heavens and the earth! – “They just make themselves work”? How?

Think of the stars, the sun, the moon and the countless solar systems and galaxies in the universe.

Who or what created them in the first place?

They continue to function and move with maximum precision and accuracy.

Who does that? Who keeps them sliding in their pre-ordered courses and orbits for them?

Who or What created it all? Who is supporting everything? How do organisms reproduce? How can a tree grow without a seed?

Indeed, the creation of the heavens and the earth is greater than the creation of humans, but most men do not know. [Holy Quran 40:57]

Then he went to heaven, while smoking, and said to him and to the earth: “Come both, willingly or unwillingly.” Both said: We have come obediently. ” [Holy Quran 41:11]

The sun and moon move with reckoning. And the grass and the trees prostrate themselves. And heaven, He raised it up; and he established the balance, so that, on the balance, you do not commit transgression: And so I did the weight fairly, and do not defraud in the balance. And the land, make it available to the living. [Holy Quran 55: 5-10]


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