How to Exercise at Home When You Can’t Go to the Gym

How to Exercise at Home When You Can’t Go to the Gym.There is something amazing about going for a brisk outdoor walk, a swim in the sea or a refreshing jog early in the morning before cars start to mess up the streets. Maybe it’s the fresh air that takes us in and makes us want to get out of bed earlier than we really need; Or is it the adrenaline that comes after. Also, losing weight and getting in shape with this type of exercise doesn’t look bad either.

Unfortunately, we face rainy and cold seasons during some parts of the year, and you end up having to leave home with the wet streets and afraid of rain falling on you.

However, learning how to exercise at home alone is not that difficult as there is a way out of everything. Here is an exercise guide you can do in the comfort of your bedroom or living room:

Weight training

This includes workouts that basically only use your body weight to help you build muscle and lose total fat.

Think of exercises like push ups, leg lift, board, squats, and backs. You may not feel that you are moving so much, but trust us, you will sweat and burn calories.

Try alternating your body workout days with some cardio on the treadmill or exercise bike if you can, so you will be giving your body a full workout throughout the week.


High intensity interval training really was the scientists’ best discovery to make our running lives easier. HIIT consists of bodyweight exercise routines ranging from 5-30 minutes – so you can choose a shorter workout if one day you slept badly, which can be targeted to a specific body part or be a complete exercise.

This type of exercise at home requires you to change movements at a faster rate than your regular functional training, so be prepared for an intense adrenaline rush. Start with some basic routines to get used to the pace, then move on to higher levels of activity as you evolve.


You have probably heard of all the benefits of simply meditating for ten minutes every morning or the fact that surya namaskars is the best fitness movement to lose weight.

Yoga is an extremely popular form of exercise around the world, and a basic routine will stretch your body in ways you never thought you could. Keep practicing this activity and you will find yourself making movements you did not believe before at any time.

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