Example of Bid Letter in Business Communication

Business communication is a communication made relating to business activities, as well as containing business information therein.

In business communication itself there are many examples of business messages, one of which is an offer letter. The offer letter itself is a letter written with the aim of offering cooperation by one company to another company.

The cooperation can be in the form of buying and selling goods or services, or offering business cooperation. This offer letter is also an example of a persuasive letter in business communication that is usually made by distribution companies or better known as distributor companies. So what is the offer letter in business communication? Following this there will be an example from a company to offer cooperation with other companies.

Management of PT. LX Provider Tbk Indonesia
in Jakarta

Page: Cooperation Offer
Attachments: 1 (one) proposal


In connection with the information we have received about the opening of the LX Provider Center in the city of Yogyakarta, through this letter we intend to submit a request for cooperation with PT. LX Provider Tbk Indonesia. Our intended collaboration is in providing services for LX provider customer service, or call center services for LX provider users.

As one of the cellular telecommunications operator companies in Indonesia and also a leading provider in Indonesia, it is fitting for LX providers to provide consumer services to help the problems faced by LX provider users.

Therefore, as a service provider, our company, PT DAVs Tbk Indonesia, intends to submit an application for such cooperation. Our company itself has established cooperation and is trusted by several other large companies, such as e-commerce services and telecommunications services in Indonesia. The request for cooperation that we offer also intends to provide service satisfaction for LX provider users in Indonesia.

We hope that this request for cooperation can be well considered, and become an ongoing collaboration that can benefit both parties. Regarding the mechanism of the form of cooperation we will explain further if PT. LX Provider Indonesia is interested and willing to hold a meeting to further discuss this request.

Thus we made this cooperation request letter, for your attention and consideration given by PT. LX Provider Indonesia, we thank you.

PT. DAVs Tbk. Indonesia

That is the example of the offer letter in business communication as a part of persuasive communication as well, which can be understood from the above letter that the offer letter is intended to offer both goods and services and also offer cooperation both individually and for the company. The letter of offer in business communication itself actually also has several important benefits in it, some of which include:

  • The offer letter serves as a means to introduce and promote products produced by one party to another party, which means it also functions as marketing communication.
  • The offer letter serves as a means of establishing cooperation between the parties which is considered to be beneficial for both parties.
  • The offer letter also serves to expand the business network and increase the marketing of products, both goods and services.
    Thus the explanation of the sample offer letter in business communication and its functions, may be useful.


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