5 Examples of Business Messages in Business Communication

A business message is a message or letter that is used to convey information about the conduct of business activities both in writing and unwritten from the sender to the recipient, be it individuals or organizations.

In business communication itself the existence of a business message is considered important in order to achieve business goals and expectations to be achieved. Without a business message, the information that should be conveyed cannot be conveyed.

Business messages themselves can be through two kinds of communication media , namely written communication media and also oral communication media. Following are some examples of business messages in business communication that will be discussed in full and clear.
1 . Cooperation Offering Letter

The first example of a business message in business communication is by mail. The letter referred to here is a letter containing information relating to business activities, both business cooperation offers and product offerings produced.

One of the easiest examples is the existence of a cooperation offer letter, in which one company offers cooperation in a certain field to other companies that are considered to still be in the same business activity.

This partnership offer will usually also aim to advance the company’s business activities together for greater profits. This offer letter is also one example of persuasive messages in business communication.

  1. E-mail Product Offers

The increasingly technological advances also make it easier for business messages to be conveyed, one of them via e-mail as an example of modern communication media . One example is a business e-mail regarding product offerings.

A company through its marketing division will offer many of the products it produces via e-mail . For example like many e-commerce companies that will send notifications about new products via e-mail to their customers.

3 . Company Report

Not only relating to cooperation offers or product offerings, but company reports, company memos, etc. that are still within the scope of ongoing business activities are also included as business messages.

Why is that? Because therein still contains information about business activities that take place in a company or organization. Therefore, company reports also serve as examples of business messages that exist in business communications.

  1. Meeting or Speech

Have you ever come to the grand launching of communication products like cellphones ? This activity is mostly done by Apple or Samsung companies who want to visit their latest products. Through the meeting, there is actually a business message delivered which also aims to influence the audience to buy their latest product.

The speech delivered about qualifications or information about their latest products to be launched is also a business message through oral communication media.

5 . Telemarketing

Not only through a meeting or speech, oral communication media are also widely used to deliver business messages such as through telemarketing.

So a company will usually have its own telemarekting division that aims to offer products to consumers and apply for cooperation with other companies through telephone.

Such is the explanation of some examples of business messages in business communication, both in verbal and written communication. Hopefully the information above can be useful.


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