What Is Ethylphrine (Efortil) Medicine

Efortil is a vasopressor drug for oral or injectable use. Its formula contains the active substance Etilephrine, which acts as a direct sympathetic stimulant. This medicine can also be found in pharmacies by the name of Etilefril.


Low blood pressure on rising (Orthostatic hypotension)

Side effects

Anxiety; cardiac arrhythmia; increased heartbeat; fainting; difficulty breathing; anginal pain;Headache; weakness; hemiplegia; cerebral hemorrhage; subarachnoid hemorrhage;restlessness; nausea; pallor; palpitation; flushing of the skin; sweats; dizziness; tremor;urticaria; Vomit.


General anesthesia; local anesthesia in the toes or hands, nose, tongue and genitals;cerebral arteriosclerosis; non anaphylactic shock; organic brain damage; cardiac dilation;Coronary disease; angle-closure glaucoma; hypertension; hyperthyroidism; coronary insufficiency; in labor; to counteract circulatory collapse or hypotension caused by phenothiazines.

Mode of Use

Oral use


  • 10 mg, 3 times a day.

Injectable Use


  • 1 to 2 mg intravenously.


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