Essay on the role of consumers in price control

In modern society, the demand for essential commodities is more than fulfilled, however it is also true that consumers can succeed in controlling prices. The need is that similar organizations should be established in India like western countries, which take care of the balance between demand and supply and control in prices.

In the modern era, in view of the increasing problem of price rise, it became very necessary to keep it under control, so that even the poorest of the poor could be able to get the goods. The government is engaged in efforts to solve the problem of price rise in various ways, by announcing policies from time to time.

But along with these, consumers also need to be aware that they should take care not to buy an item at unreasonably inflated prices. Because of this the prices of goods increase. For this, we should know what quantity of things we need for our own and our family’s subsistence.

Along with the imperatives, why are we attracted to the superlative things by imitating the upper class, while without them our work can go on. The upper class people use black money to buy television, videos, cars etc. and are willing to pay maximum price for buying these items.

This amount is not counted in our national income, but it affects the economy of our country. We need to stop this trend. The day is not far when the consumer organizations formed by the public will take over the field. This requires a consumer awareness campaign.

In this regard, the government should at least take appropriate steps to control the prices of items of primary necessity. It should be kept in mind that they can reach the general public in sufficient quantity. Price can be controlled by active participation of consumers. The role of consumers is also important in attracting government’s attention towards this.


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