Essay on mother

A mother is the one who takes care of her children to protect them from external dangers, nurtures them. The mother of a child is a perfect example of selfless devotion and love. She can do any kind of penance for the safety of her child or children.

The mother also works as a mentor or guide, who introduces the world to her children, as well as ensures their well-being. A mother’s love knows no boundaries and not just humans, animals also display a strong sense of motherhood. Sometimes a woman, who is not biologically related to children, but still nurtures and nurtures them, is also referred to as a mother.

Essay on mother (150 words)

The role of the mother in our life is always different and precious than the others involved in our life. Mother never wants anything back from her children, instead she loves us with an open heart. We also love as a child and see him with our heart but our love cannot be compared to him. Mother is unique in everyone’s life in this world as a unique goddess who always takes all the pain of her child and gives love and care.

It is she who sleeps her nights during our illness and other bad days. She indulges in moments of happiness and understands our every choice and dislike. She always guides us to move forward on the right path and do the right thing in life. She is our first teacher who teaches us at every stage of life. She teaches us to always be in discipline , to behave well and to explain our roles and responsibilities towards family , society and country.

Essay on mother (200 words)

Our mother is the most important person in our life who always takes care of us with a true nature. May he always be with us and take care of us every moment. She keeps us in her womb for 9 months and suffers a lot of pain and suffering, but she is always happy thinking about us in her real life. She gives birth to us without the slightest complaint. We can never compare his real love and care for him throughout his life but we should always respect and love him. Every person who is a mother in their life is really lucky and receives a lot of blessings from God.

A mother is a very simple woman who never considers her happiness in front of her children. She always shows her interest in our every activity and laughs. He has a selfless soul and a heart full of much love and care. She is a strong-willed woman who always teaches us how to face the toughest challenges in life. She always inspires us to achieve all the good things in our life by crossing all the difficulties of life. She is the first teacher of all those whose teachings have always proved valuable and valuable throughout her life.

Essay on importance of mother – 4 (250 words)


A mother is the first, most important and best friend of all life because no one can be as true and genuine as her. He is the one and only person who always stands with us in our good and bad times. She always cares more than anyone in her life and loves us. She always gives us first priority in her life and gives us a glimpse of hope in our bad times. The day we are born, it is our mother who becomes happier than anyone else. She knows all our causes of happiness and sorrow and tries to make us happy every time.

Bond of love between mother and child

There is a special bond that exists between the mother and her child that can never be terminated. A mother can never reduce her love and care towards her children and always gives as much love and care to each of her children but we all children can never give her a little love and care in her old age . Yet she never misunderstands us and forgives us like a small child. She understands our every activity and we can never fool her easily.

The conclusion

A mother never wants us to hurt anyone and teaches us to treat others well. To pay attention to mothers and to thank them, May 13 has been declared as Mother’s Day which is celebrated every year. No one plays a part in our lives as a mother. We should also always take care of our mother throughout our life.

Essay on mother’s love – 300 words


A mother is a person in everyone’s life who can never be changed in our hearts. She is like Mother Nature who only knows how to give without taking anything in return. We see her from the first moment of her life when we open our eyes in this world but we feel her in her womb nine months ago. Whenever we start speaking, our first word becomes mother. He is our first love, first teacher and first friend in this world. When we are born we are unable to do anything, but it is this that makes us grow and develop in our arms. She helps us understand this world.

Importance of mother in our life

A mother is always available for her child and is raised like a god. If there is any god on earth, she is our mother. No one can care and love us like our mothers and no one can sacrifice like her. She is the best woman in our life who can never be replaced by anyone in future. Even after being tired, she is always ready to do anything for us like a tireless person. She gets up early in the morning, prepares breakfast and gives us lunch and a bottle of water without being late for a day.

The conclusion

She waits for us at the door every day after noon work. She prepares delicious dinner at night and always takes care of our likes and dislikes. She helps us do our homework and projects. She never gets tired of giving lots of love and caring like the sea can never lose water. He is unique and the only one in the entire universe that nothing can replace. He is the perfect solution to our small and big problems. She is the one who never says bad for her child and always favors her child.

Essay – 6 (400 words)


Nothing in this world can compare with our mother’s true love and care. She is the one and only woman in our life who loves and cares for us so much without anyone’s personal intentions. A child is everything to a mother. Whenever we become helpless, she encourages us to do any hard work in life. He is a good listener and hears everything we say, bad or good. She never limits us and limits us to no limits. He enables us to distinguish good or evil.

Mother’s selfless love

True love is another name of a mother only mother can have. Ever since we come into her womb, are born and live in this world all her life, she gives us tireless care and love. There is nothing more precious than mother that we can bless God, so we should always be thankful to God. He is the embodiment of true love, care and sacrifice. He is the one who gives birth to us and transforms a house into a sweet house.

Mother: A Child’s First Teacher and Guide

He is the one who starts our schooling at home and becomes the first and dearest teacher of our lives. She teaches us behavioral lessons and true philosophies of life. She loves and takes care of us from the existence of our life in this world to her womb and throughout her life. She gives birth to us after suffering a lot of pain and struggle but in return she always gives us love. There is no love in this world that is so lasting, strong, selfless, pure and devoted. He is the one who removes all the darkness in our life and brings light.

The conclusion

Mother tells us about mythology, about God and Goddess, and other historical stories of King and Queen. She is always very concerned about our health, education, future and protection from strangers. She always leads us in the right direction in life and most importantly she spreads true happiness in our life. He makes us mentally, physically, socially and intellectually stronger human beings than a young and disabled child. She always favors us and prays to God for our well-being and bright future through life even after making us sad sometimes. It is also rightly said that God could not be everywhere so he created mother.

Essay on mother in hindi – 800 words:


It is a common saying that God could not exist everywhere, so He created Mother. The saying is also true because the position of the mother is no less than that of God. He is the one who gave us life and made us stand on our feet. She is an idol of selfless love for her children and ever ready, despite being tired.

If I talk about my mother, she is the one I can completely trust. She is the one who will never say no to our desires and she is the one who never gets tired while doing our daily tasks. She never lets us feel the difference of love and love equal to love and love to all her siblings. My mother is like the sun that chases all the darkness and spreads the light of happiness and love on us.

Definition of a good mother:

In a few words, defining a good mother is never an easy task. However in very simple words we can say that a good mother is the one for whom her child is her world. There are many qualities that I see in my mother that make her the best mother in the world. She loves her child unconditionally strongly and deeply. Apart from showering her love of motherhood, she also takes care of her child with a big responsibility.

She is the statue of forgiveness and forgives our every mistake and also ensures that we realize our mistakes and understand our responsibility. A good mother makes every effort to unite her child into millions and sacrifices all the comforts of her life so that her child can live a comfortable life. A mother’s unselfish love towards her children is the most valuable thing in this whole world which can never be replaced by anything.

Qualification of a mother:

There are some natural qualities that a woman inherits upon attaining motherhood already. But there are also some qualities which are necessary to be a good mother. The main qualities of mother are as follows:

Responsible: Achieving motherhood comes with a big responsibility. The responsibility of taking care of the child before and after birth is one of the most important qualities of a mother. She is the one who takes care of her child from birth and nurtures him to stand on his feet.

Selfless love:  A mother will always bathe her children with her love in return. She always loves her children selflessly despite their mischief. His love for his children always remains the same towards his child’s age.

Helper:  A mother should always be supportive of her children. He should always remain strong in all his ups and downs, apart from his children. He should always be there to support his children in his right decision and interests.

Patient:  This is the quality that every mother should acquire when she attains motherhood. Treating children always requires a greater amount of patience because they are still in a growing phase and are not mature enough to understand things at once. So they need to be reminded again and again until they understand and become responsible.

Empathy:  The ability to perceive another person’s feelings is called empathy. A mother should be sympathetic to her child because you will not understand her issue until you understand the feelings of your child.

Why mother is important in our life?

The importance of the mother can be easily understood by the fact that the first word that comes out of the child’s mouth is ‘Ma Ma’. He is the source of life and the reason for our existence. She is the one who can happily sacrifice everything in her life for the happiness of her child. She is the first teacher of a child to introduce her to the world and the first best friend with whom we can share all our secrets.

Mothers are the backbone of each family that binds the whole family and unites it into a single but powerful entity. They give us the confidence to face the world and inspire us to achieve success in our lives. He is the only person who will never hold a bad view against his children and will always pray and hope for them better. A good mother acts like a sculptor who molds her children into beautiful sculptures that are highly appreciated and respected in society.


My mother is a sacred creation of God and a source of life to us. He is a sacred idol of selfless love, sacrifice, forgiveness and patience. She is the guiding spirit that helps us to move forward on the right path and achieve success in our life. Mother’s selfless love towards her children can never be changed in this world. We should try our best to make her children happy and comfortable all the time, especially when she is old. It is our responsibility to do it with love, care and understanding at the same time as when we were younger.

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