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A flood is an overflow of large amounts of water over a large area, causing destruction of the affected areas. Many regions around the world face the problem of flooding every year.

Flooding occurs due to excessive flow and lack of proper drainage system. The severity of floods can vary from region to region and the devastation caused by the same varies accordingly.

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Floods occur in areas where there is excessive flow and poor drainage. Floods also occur due to overflow of water from rivers and oceans, excess water in the plains due to dam breakdown, excessive flow of water due to sudden melting of glaciers. Storms and tsunamis cause flooding in coastal areas. Floods can cause major destruction just like other natural disasters.
Many cities and cities around the world have suffered terrible floods, ruining the lives of people and animals, resulting in the loss of property and other valuable property and destruction of soil and plants.

Farmers are greatly affected by floods because their crops are destroyed due to the weather conditions. Water stored for days at a particular place also causes outbreaks of various diseases. When the condition is serious, schools and offices are closed and it spoils the normal life of people. Places experiencing severe flooding take months to regenerate.

Ironically, there are some areas which are prone to frequent floods and even though the government is aware of the problem, appropriate measures are not being taken to address it. Government should build good drainage system and water storage system to control this problem.

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Waterlogging due to flooding which is mostly the result of heavy rainfall has fatal consequences. This leads to loss of life, increase in diseases, price rise, economic loss and destruction of environment among other issues. The effect of floods depends on their type and severity.

Types of floods

Some floods can subside in a few days while others take weeks to subside and have a major impact on the lives of the people living in that area. Here’s a look at the different types of floods:

Slow Set Flood:  This type of flood occurs when rivers like a water stream flow and affect the surrounding areas. This flood develops slowly and can last from a few days to weeks. They are spread over several kilometers and mostly impact the lowlands.

The water accumulated due to floods in such areas can damage property and may also cause various diseases.

Rapid on-set flooding:  These take a little longer to construct and can last up to a day or two. They are also considered extremely destructive. However, people are mostly warned about these and given a chance to escape before the situation worsens.

Tourists planning a vacation to such places can postpone or cancel the plan when there is still time and avoid the trauma of this situation.

Flash flood:
Flash flood occurs within a very short period of time most of the time such as a few hours or even minutes. These are mostly due to heavy rainfall, melting of snow or dam breakdown. They are the most lethal among all and can result in mass destruction as they are almost sudden and people have no time to be cautious.


Flood disrupts day-to-day life in the affected areas. They cause various problems for people living in such areas. Areas prone to severe flooding take months and often have to be rebuilt even after years.

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A flood is a natural disaster caused by the accumulation of excessive water in an area. This is often the result of heavy rainfall. Overflow of river or sea water, breakdown of dams and melting of ice also cause flooding in many areas. In coastal areas, hurricanes and tsunamis are known to bring this situation.

Flood-prone regions around the world

Many areas around the world are under constant flood risk. Cities across the world that have suffered severe and persistent floods are Mumbai and Kolkata in India, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Tianjin in China, Ecuador, New York, NY-Newark, NJ, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Miami and New Orleans in Guayaquil. Are included. Floods have caused widespread destruction in these areas in the past.

How to control the problem caused by floods?

From damaging the environment to disrupting human life – floods have many negative consequences that are difficult to deal with. Thus it is important to take measures to control the same. Here are some ways to control this problem:

Flood Warning System:  It is the need of the hour to set up a better flood warning system so that people are warned about the problem at the right time and have sufficient time to protect themselves and their belongings.

Buildings above flood level: Buildings in  flood prone area should be constructed above flood level so that property as well as people living there are not damaged. Introduction of water storage systems The
government should invest in building water storage systems to store and reuse rainwater. In this way excessive water can be used instead of allowing it to flow into the plains and cause flooding.

Strengthening drainage system:  One of the main causes of flooding is poor drainage system. It is necessary to build a good drainage system to avoid flooding.

Install flood barriers: Flood barriers should be installed in flood prone areas. Once filled with water, they can be removed.


Although the occurrence of rain, melting snow mountains, overflow of water bodies and storms can be difficult to control, it can be predicted in these cases and the government can take measures to ensure that waterlogging does not occur. , Which in turn does not lead to floods.

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Floods occur for many reasons, including heavy rainfall, overflow of water from water bodies such as rivers and seas, melting of glaciers, hurricanes and strong winds along with coastal winds. When there is a lack of good drainage system to suck excess water, resulting in water logging which causes flooding.
Consequences of flood

Floods disrupt normal functioning of the affected area. Severe flooding can cause mass destruction. Here is the effect of the flood on life on earth:

Life-threatening: Many people and animals lose their lives due to severe floods. Many others are injured and infected with various diseases. Breeding of mosquitoes and other insects results in water logging at places for several days which is the cause of various diseases like malaria and dengue. During this period, cases of dysentery, pneumonic plague and military fever are also increasing.

Power cuts: During this time the supply of electricity and water is disrupted, causing problems to the general public. There is also a danger of catching current in places where power supply is still intact.

Economic loss: Many people lose their home and other assets such as automobiles which take them years to earn. It is also a costly affair for the government as it has to deploy several policemen, firemen and other officers to carry out rescue operations. In case of severe flooding, it takes years to rebuild the affected areas.

Price increases: Supply of goods in flood affected areas decreases as road transport cannot reach there. In addition, goods stored in these areas also become spoiled due to floods. There is a shortage in supply and demand is high and this results in increased prices of goods.

Soil erosion:  When the flow is very heavy, the soil is not able to absorb the entire water and often results in soil erosion, resulting in terrible consequences. In addition to soil erosion, soil quality is also affected, often deteriorating.

Loss of flora: Floods are not only a threat to humans and animals but also destroy flora. Heavy rains are often accompanied by thunder, lightning and strong winds. This storm is one of the reasons for uprooting trees. In addition, crops are damaged and many other plants are destroyed during floods.

Flood prone areas in India

Many areas in India face the problem of flooding year after year. Major areas affected by this natural disaster in the country are North Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Punjab and parts of Haryana, coastal Andhra Pradesh and most of the Gangetic plains including Orissa, Brahmaputra Valley and South Gujarat. It is to be known that there was heavy damage due to floods in these places in the past and still remains a threat here.


Floods are one of the natural disasters that cause major destruction in various areas. The time has come that the Government of India should take this issue seriously and take strict steps to control this problem.

Essay on flood, essay on flood control in hindi (600 words)

Flooding occurs when excessive rainfall in a particular area causes an overflow of water on the land that is mostly dry. It can also be caused by overflow of water from water bodies such as river, ocean and lake. Floods are considered a cause of mass destruction. In some areas, the destruction is so severe that damage takes years to recover.

Reasons of flood

Here, let’s take a closer look at the various causes of floods:

Strong rain: A  flood-like situation arises each time, because the drainage system is higher than it is absorbed. At times, short-term heavy rains can cause flooding, while on other occasions light rain lasting for days can cause flood-like conditions.

Melting of snow:  Snow-capped mountains begin to melt as the temperature rises in the winter season. Sudden melting of snow usually increases the temperature and results in heavy movement of water in the plains. In areas where there is not proper drainage system to get rid of excessive water flow. This is often referred to as the ice flood.

Dam breakdown:  Dams are built to hold water flowing from a highland. Electricity in water is employed to turn on the propellant to produce electricity. Many times the dams break because they are unable to hold large amounts of water causing flooding in the surrounding areas. Many times, excessive water is intentionally released from the dam to prevent it from breaking. It can also cause flooding.

Overflow of water bodies: Water bodies such as rivers can flow at times and cause flood-like conditions in the surrounding areas. The lowlands near the rivers are most affected during this period as the water flows downstream.

Winds in the coastal region:  Strong winds and storms have the potential to carry sea water to dry coastal lands and cause flooding. This can cause serious damage to coastal areas. Storms and tsunamis have caused massive destruction in coastal lands.

Global warming: the main cause of floods

The frequency of floods has increased in recent times. It is said that global warming has resulted in a steep rise in average sea temperatures and as a result the rate of tropical storms in the Caribbean has increased further. These storms are the cause of a huge decline in the countries of their route. Global warming which is causing the rise in temperature in the atmosphere is also a cause of glaciers melting and snow cover which again causes flooding in many areas. It is said to have a major impact on the polar ice cap in the coming times and the situation is likely to worsen.

There has been a major change in the overall climatic conditions on the Earth and global warming is said to be one of the reasons for this change. While some areas experience extreme flooding while others experience drought.


While there is not much we can do about the rain or melting of glaciers, we can certainly build a good drainage system to deal with the water we bring with us. Many countries, such as Singapore, which receive heavy rainfall for most part of the year, have a really good drainage system.

They clear even after days of heavy upheaval. The Government of India should build a good drainage system to avoid the problem of floods and the damage to the affected areas.


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