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Natural resources are those resources made available to us by nature. Sunlight, air, water and minerals are some examples of natural resources. While some natural resources are renewable and others are non-renewable. It is necessary to conserve natural resources so that they can be used for longer.

The need for conservation of natural resources has been repeatedly emphasized. If we continue to exploit natural resources at this pace then we will create an imbalance in the environment.

Conservation of natural resources, Essay on conservation of natural resources in hindi (200 words)

Natural resources are of various types but are largely classified as renewable and non-renewable. Some examples of renewable natural resources are sunlight, water, air, wood and soil. While some of these natural resources are available in abundance in nature and can be rapidly regenerated so that others take time to renew.

Coal, oil and natural gases are some examples of non-renewable natural resources. Although naturally available in the environment, it takes hundreds of years to replenish or recycle these natural resources.

The presence of natural resources is necessary to maintain environmental balance. However, we do not think twice before using them. We are exploiting our natural resources and they are depleting at a rapid pace. We must understand the importance of natural resources and the need for their conservation for future use.

We must be especially vigilant to use non-renewable resources as well as renewable resources that take time to recoup. These resources are our basic needs. They are necessary for our existence. If we do not take serious steps to preserve them, it will become almost impossible for us to live on Earth.

The government of every country needs to emphasize the importance of conserving natural resources and ensure its citizens to avoid wastage of any kind.

Essay on conservation of natural resources, 300 words:


Natural resources are mostly limited and it is our responsibility to use them wisely and preserve them for future generations. Natural resources are important for the survival of humans as well as other living beings. While some natural resources make life on Earth possible, others make it comfortable.

The existence of future generations:

Natural resources such as water, air and sunlight are abundant in the environment. These are renewable natural resources and humans do not have to worry too much about their availability. However, there are many renewable resources such as wood, soil, etc. that take years to renew. Thus they should be used with caution.

In addition, non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels and minerals cannot be used repeatedly. Once consumed, they cannot be made again. Both renewable and non-renewable natural resources are essential for the survival of living beings.

We use these for various purposes. Some of these are used directly while others are used for the manufacture of various things which are widely used by us.

Role of Government:

Although people should behave responsibly and ensure that they do not waste valuable natural resources, the government should also take steps to conserve natural resources. We should only formulate stricter laws to ensure that we should avoid any form of usage and avoid any kind of wastage.

The government should also monitor the cutting of trees, consumption of petroleum, waste of minerals and even the use of water. New methods should be used to limit their consumption. Anyone found exploiting them should be punished.


If we continue to use our natural resources at the same rate that we are currently using them, we will leave very few of them in the future. This will create a problem for generations to come. We must use natural resources carefully so that our future generations are not harmed.

Essay on conservation of natural resources, essay on conservation of natural resources in hindi (400 words)


The need to protect and conserve our natural resources is often emphasized. This has become a major cause for concern, especially over the last few decades. While many natural resources such as air, water and sunlight are available in the atmosphere in abundance and others naturally such as petroleum, minerals and natural gases are being renewed and cannot be recycled or renewed. They are decreasing at a rapid rate.

There is a need to protect and conserve natural resources:

There is a dire need to protect and conserve our natural resources. If we no longer protect them, we will not be able to survive on this planet for long. Some of the major reasons for protecting and conserving these valuable resources are:

Natural resource is limited

Natural resources are divided into two categories – renewable natural resources and non-renewable natural resources. While many renewable natural resources are abundantly available in nature and are easily renewed and others take time to recuperate.

Natural resources that take time to renew include wood, soil and biomass. It is necessary to use such renewable resources carefully as these are limited and we have to wait before we can recuperate naturally. Non-renewable resources like minerals, metals and petroleum are limited and there is no way we can renew them. Thus, it is of extreme importance to use them wisely.

Natural Resources: Essential for Human Survival

We need to protect and conserve natural resources because they are extremely essential for the survival of humans as well as other living beings. Life on earth is possible only due to the availability of natural resources. If we continue to exploit natural resources and exhaust them at this rate, we will not be able to survive on this planet for long.

We are not only rapidly consuming renewable natural resources and taking the risk of reducing them soon, but they are also degrading the quality of the abundant available ones. Pollution has reduced the quality of air and water and is likely to worsen in the coming times. We need to protect and conserve natural resources for our future generations so that they can enjoy a comfortable life as we do.


We should all take it as our responsibility to avoid wastage of our natural resources. We must contribute to the conservation and negotiation of these valuable resources that nature has provided to us.

Essay on conservation of natural resources, 500 words:


Natural resources are freely available in nature but most of these are either limited or take hundreds of years to recycle. That is why we should use these resources carefully and avoid any kind of wastage. However, this is easy to do.

Humans have become so accustomed to using natural resources for various purposes that it is difficult to live without them. We do not feel that they are decreasing rapidly and we cannot leave too many of them in the coming time. What we do not imagine is that life will become extremely difficult in the future without these valuable resources.

Methods of Conservation of Natural Resources:

Here are some ways to conserve natural resources:

save electricity

Electricity is produced from both renewable and non-renewable natural resources. Large quantities of fossil fuels are being used to produce electricity. Saving electricity can go a long way to conserve natural resources such as water, coal, natural gases and biomass. Simple practices such as limiting the use of air conditioners, keeping the lights off during the day, unplugging appliances and using energy efficient appliances when not in use can help.

Save fuel

Fuels like petrol and diesel, on which our vehicles run, are derived from petroleum which is a non-renewable natural resource. We should choose our mode of transportation wisely so that we can save fuel in the coming times. Using public transport, regular car pooling, opting for electric vehicles and turning off the engine at the red light are some ways to save fuel.

Restrict paper usage

Paper is made of wood which is a renewable natural resource. However, it is a renewable resource that takes time to recoup. Trees are being cut at high speed and they do not grow as fast. This natural resource takes years to renew. This is why we should stop wasting paper.

Some of the ways in which we can do this is to use both sides of the paper when printing, selecting bills online and sending the papers used for recycling. We should encourage planting trees and people around us to do the same.

Save water

Although it is necessary to conserve water, a renewable natural resource, we can run out of clean water, which is used for drinking, cooking, cleaning and other such purposes. This can be done by making small changes in our routine such as using water from the bucket while bathing.

Buckets should be used instead of using showers or pipes for watering plants and washing cars. Likewise, keeping the tap closed when washing teeth or when not in use when washing dishes can help avoid water wastage.


To secure our future and live a comfortable life, we must use our natural resources wisely. There are many ways to conserve these resources such as choosing our means of transportation wisely, planting trees, avoiding the use of electrical equipment and avoiding water wastage.

If each of us takes this as a responsibility to avoid wastage of natural resources and the government has a serious control over the consumption of natural resources, then it will become easier to conserve.

Essay on conservation of natural resources, essay on conservation of natural resources in hindi (600 words)


Natural resources are those resources made available to us by nature. There is no human intervention in the production of these resources. For centuries, humans have used these resources to meet their many needs. Many of these resources are used directly while others are used indirectly.

These resources are used to prepare the things that are useful in our lives. From using these natural resources to exploiting each one of them – man has come a long way. We need to conserve natural resources so that our future generations can also use them to make their lives comfortable.

Types of Natural Resources:

There are basically two types of natural resources. These are renewable natural resources and non-renewable natural resources. Renewable natural resources are those resources that can be naturally renewed for air, water, sunlight, wood, soil, etc.

These are further divided into two categories – natural resources that can be easily renewed and which take time to replenish. Wood and clay fall into the second category. Non-renewable resources are those resources that cannot be recycled or renewed. While some of these are abundantly available in nature, others are limited.

Some examples of non-renewable resources include minerals, natural gas, and metals. Non-renewable resources are used for various purposes and are rapidly decreasing in rate. Since they cannot be renewed, they will disappear from the surface of the earth in the coming times because we are exploiting them badly.

Why should we conserve natural resources?

We need to conserve and conserve renewable and non-renewable natural resources. This is because these natural resources are limited. That is why we are alive on this planet and living a comfortable life. If we continue them at this rate, our existence on earth will become extremely difficult.

The importance of conservation of natural resources has been repeatedly emphasized. However, we still use them carelessly. It is important for us to take this issue seriously and prevent unnecessary wastage of these valuable resources. We must understand that our negligence can adversely affect future generations. If we do not conserve natural resources for their use, they will face a lot of difficulties.

How to conserve natural resources?

There are many ways by which natural resources can be saved. Adhering to simple practices can help make a big difference.

In order to conserve natural resources, we must first remind ourselves of the need to do so. We have become so accustomed to using various things in our day to day life that we do not feel that in doing so we are consuming good amount of natural resources.

There are times when we can do these things without using them, but we continue to use them indiscriminately without realizing how we are contributing towards our extinction. From the electricity we use, the electricity we use in our vehicles to the fuel we use to write on paper, everything directly or indirectly comes from natural resources.

Turning off the lights, unplugging electrical appliances before they leave the room, avoiding paper printing when they are not in use, and using e-copies wherever you can, washing machines during the laundry Fully loading and using buckets can help conserve natural resources during bathing and washing, rather than in the shower or pipe.


It is important for us to realize that natural resources are limited. We should use them in a planned way so that they do not go to waste. This will help to preserve them for generations to come. Everyone should take the responsibility to use natural resources carefully and contribute to their conservation.


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