What Is Esperson Medicine

Esperson is an anti-inflammatory medicine that contains Dexamethasone as its active substance.This topical drug is indicated for the treatment of various skin infections dermatitis, acne and white cloth. This medicine soothes and soothes the skin reducing the itching and irritation caused by inflammation.

Esperson Indications

Mild dermatitis; atopic dermatitis; exfoliative dermatitis; nummular dermatitis; acne; annular granuloma; White cloth; lupus; pemphigus; psoriasis; Sunburn.

Esperson Price

A 2.5 mg bottle of Esperson costs about 19 reais.

Esperson Side Effects

Maceration; infection; skin atrophy; stretch mark; Small spots on the skin.

Esperson Contraindications

Pregnancy risk C ; Lactating women; hypersensitivity to the components of the formula.

How to use Esperson

Topic Usage


  • Apply a thin layer of the product on the affected area by rubbing lightly 2 times a day. Treatment should not exceed 14 days.


  • Apply a light coat of the medicine to the affected area by lightly rubbing once a day. Treatment should not exceed 14 days.


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