Escardillas . They are tools with a shovel- shaped end ; it is made of metal with a lower edge with a cutting edge; it serves to remove the earth.


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The hoe is a tool generally used in agriculture. It consists of a sheet with a relatively sharp cutting front edge on one side and a handle to hold it. It is basically used to dig and remove previously broken or soft earth and to move heaps of sand or cement.


Depending on its size and shape, it is also called a hoe (cutting blade larger than the hoe and with a long handle), hoe (blade smaller than the hoe and with a long or intermediate size) and zuela or azuela (smaller blade size than the short-handled hoe, sometimes with incorporation on the opposite side of the blade edge of a hammerhead — widely used in woodworking. A variant of the beak may also be narrow at one end : the zapapico or espiocha. Its dimensions vary according to the application and the regions, the current size being 20 to 25 centimeters for the iron and 60 to 80 for the handle. The hoes for the bina are long and those for weeding have sharp edges to section harmful herbs.

How to use

The first hoes were made of stone with a wooden handle. Like the current ones, they would obliquely impact the earth, by means of human impulse, to open holes or furrows. Some specialists have proposed the hoe dragged by a rope with human traction as the origin of the plow. The first plows appear in southern Mesopotamia around 4500 BC. C. and in Egypt and India between 4000 and 3000 a. C. first dragged by man and then by animal traction. The first bars – part in contact with the ground to open and lift it – were made from the same piece of plow wood, then from a different piece of fire-treated and hardened wood, to finally be made of metal, more durable and efficient. The Englishman Jethro Tull invented a horse-drawn digging hoe in the 17th century, the best being the Garrett system,


When you consider digging a garden, what tool is essential ?, a hoe or a hoe. A perfect and symbolic word to open our little dictionary. The hoe is that tool formed by an iron sheet attached to a long wooden handle.


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