What is an Entrepreneur? Detailed ideas about entrepreneurship

The English word Entrepreneur means Bangla meaning entrepreneur. The word Entrepreneur is derived from the French language. The definition of entrepreneurship is one and the same. Some say that entrepreneur means organizer. Many say that being an entrepreneur can only be done by being an entrepreneur. Again, the entrepreneur who works with him is an entrepreneur. We also are not sending different ideas about entrepreneurship. But what I can not easily say is the following.

Entrepreneurship : An entrepreneur is a person who knows enough risks to make a million dollars successful, has the ability to organize (products and customers) and works with innovation ideas.

The entrepreneur takes considerable risk

In the 5th century, Richard Kantian, who was born Irish but lived in France, introduced us to the first Entrepreneur. According to him, to be an entrepreneur, you must have a high risk attitude.

According to Richard Cantien, an entrepreneur acts as an agent to make a goal successful, and his main goal is to bring about innovation between the product and the customer.

The gentleman added that the entrepreneur is not just a person, but one or more people will do something possible by taking the risk of uncertainty in a concerted effort.

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Entrepreneur as Organizer

Jean-Baptiste, a French economist, who first introduced entrepreneur or Entrepreneur in the first three. According to Jean-Baptiste, an entrepreneur is someone who works as an organizer. Finding potential innovation by harmonizing one’s land, the labor of another, the money of others.

Entrepreneur as Reformer

Joseph Elios Schumpeter, an Austrian political and economist, is said to be one of the greatest economists of the first half of the twentieth century. According to him, the entrepreneur must take risks and act as the organizer as well as the reformer.

According to him, the things an entrepreneur can do as a reformer –

  • Find out the requirements for a new product in the market.
  • Finding new potential markets.
  • To invent completely new products that were not in the market before.
  • Finding new sources of raw materials.
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