Enrolling in school: 10 things to consider when choosing the right one

Choosing the right school for your children is a fundamental step to ensure their education in line with our ideas and principles. It is not always easy to choose a solution that takes everything into account. Here are some things to pay attention to, then put everything on the scale and evaluate better.

Kindergartens and schools are places where children spend a lot of time, not only learning things but also building their own personality and getting an idea of ​​the world around them. It is therefore evident how fundamental it is for parents to choose the most suitable place for the needs of the child but also for their principles and organizational needs.

So what are the most important features to watch out for when choosing one school over another?



It is important to have a general idea of ​​how the education of children takes place in that kindergarten or school: what kind of activities are carried out, what the teaching method is, whether reading and group work are encouraged, etc. It is basically a matter of considering whether the general lines of that place coincide with the objectives that you have for the education of your children.


The school is a place that we frequent every day, so it would be better if it is as close as possible to home or at least easy to reach. Sometimes it can also be useful to consider the ease of parking as well as the possibility of getting there on foot, by bicycle or by public transport.

Extracurricular activities (also alternative)

Also consider whether or not the school offers activities outside school hours, this can be a very important point for those parents who work a lot and need additional help in reconciling family and professional life. Perfect courses and workshops of music, languages, painting, sports, etc. but also the presence of alternative activities that are also excellent for children such as yoga practice .

Values ​​and religion

We all have some general principles and values ​​that we would like to be respected in our children’s school location. It can therefore be useful to know how the school manages the discipline, religion or way of educating children.


Languages, especially English, are becoming increasingly important in the overall education of children and young people. Starting to learn them at an early age can undoubtedly be a great help for the future. Therefore, in choosing the school, it is also good to evaluate the bilingual options and the offer it makes with regards to learning foreign languages.

Family participation

It is not possible to delegate the education of our children completely to school, it is important that parents also participate in the right measure in the educational monitoring of children. Knowing how different schools manage this educational aspect can help us choose one over another.


This is obviously a fundamental point. Teachers are the pillar of the education system: knowing and inquiring about who will take care of the education of our children is among the most important things to consider.

Student / teacher ratio

Sometimes it happens that there are schools that over time have managed to gain an excellent reputation and for this reason they are very popular and popular. This has the disadvantage that the classrooms will be overcrowded and probably the teachers, struggling with too many students, will not be able to perform a more personalized job according to the needs of each student.


The most important thing is obviously to know if the school has the necessary requirements and approvals in order to ensure that it is 100% a safe place. The eye also wants its part: our children have to spend long hours at school, therefore assessing that the environment as a whole is pleasant (and maybe even has open spaces) can be a good criterion for making a choice best.


Each child is a separate case and some have special needs compared to others. Regardless of whether our child is one of those who needs special attention, it is important to know if all children can receive care and meet their specific needs. This is indeed a good and an added value for everyone.

by Abdullah Sam
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