How to do the employee termination process?

The process of terminating an employee must be surrounded by care.

Usually, except for exceptions, the termination of an employee is usually a tense moment, either for the employer, the employee or both.

If the employee is leaving voluntarily, for some personal reason, such as moving to another city or because he / she got a job in another organization, the employee’s termination will be unpleasant for the company.

Now, if it was the company that started the process of dismissing the employee for reasons such as insufficient performance, or even others, more serious, such as misconduct, the situation is very critical for the dismissed.

Finally, there are cases in which the dismissal of the employee is something painful for both parties, when, for example, due to the need to cut funds, the company is forced to dismiss an employee that it would prefer to keep on its staff.

For this reason, regardless of the motivation for dismissal, the process of dismissing employees must be conducted with great care and strictly following each step of the process.

To help you implement this practice in your company, we have a ready-to-use and fully editable employee termination process template.

So, in addition to having a tested and approved example, you will save the time you would have to spend modeling this business process .

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Sample Shutdown Process Template

In fact, few companies are aware of the importance of a well-established process for employee termination. There are many activities that must be performed carefully and a slip can have serious consequences for the company, both financial and image.

For this reason, we have modeled a very detailed employee termination process , containing 3 pools and a total of 6 lanes. Check the details.

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Pools and lanes:

The 3 pools involved in this process are:

  • Employee Termination (lanes: Personnel Department, Manager and Employee)
  • Removal of access and unlinking of assets (lanes: Systems Coordinator and Service Desk)
  • Financial verification (lane: Financial analyst)

See that the employee termination process is not a mere notification, there are important steps to be taken, including in the scope of information security, especially nowadays, when employees have remote access and through cloud computing to various company data and systems .

See some details of 2 of the pools involved in the employee termination process.

Pool details Employee Termination

Note that there are two possible initial events in this pool, one when there is a resignation request and another when the initiative is from the company:

Also notice that there is an important exclusive gateway in this process, when the manager can reject or approve the dismissal.

In that case, she either returns for necessary modifications or is referred to the Personnel Department.

Another interesting detail of this pool of the employee termination process is that there are 3 possibilities for a final event, as there are 2 gateways where the process can be canceled.

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Pool details Access removal and asset unlinking

This part of the employee termination process begins with the receipt of a message by the service desk that the employee has been terminated.

This agent then disables the user from the network and mailboxes. The next step is performed by the systems coordinator who revokes the access of the terminated employee.

Then, you must return the assets and communicate that all these procedures have been carried out.

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