An emigrant is a person who leaves his country to move to another.

Therefore, an emigrant is anyone who leaves the country where he lives, to move to reside in another.

Emigration and immigration are correlative phenomena, since if a person emigrates or leaves his country, he arrives in the same way to another.

Consequently, you have to immigrate or enter another country where you will reside.

Emigrants leave their countries, since in their country they do not find the political, economic and social conditions that fit their needs. That is why they are forced or forced out to find better opportunities.

Types of emigrants

Migrants can be classified into two broad categories

1. Legal migrants

No doubt a legal emigrant is one who follows and complies with all legal legal regulations to leave his country.

So, these emigrants do not have any type of problem, since they acquire the permits or the nationality that corresponds to them to be able to remain in another country of residence, without any inconvenience.

So they can study or work without any obstacle that prevents them from performing without facing any difficulty.

2. Illegal immigrants

On the contrary, illegal emigrants leave their countries without submitting any required documentation, that is, they do not go through border registration posts.

Therefore, it can be said that they leave incognito, without leaving any type of record.

Migrants who are at greater risk are illegal, because when they arrive in the country of destination, consequently, they do not have the necessary permits to reside, work or study.

Emigration effects

Emigration can cause positive and negative effects for your country of origin

Positive effects of emigration

1. Reduction of social, economic and political conflicts

Undoubtedly, these conflicts are reduced, because a large part of the economically active population decides to emigrate, especially when a lower level of internal competition is generated; so, people who stay within the country may have better opportunities.

2. Decrease the level of unemployment

Since, when a good part of the productive people leave, the labor supply decreases, which causes that when measuring the unemployment rate; It decreases.

The internal labor force, then, can opt for a better labor remuneration, since, if labor becomes relatively scarcer, the salary level increases.

3. Income of remittances

Remittance income stimulates the growth of the recipient country, in this case the country of origin of the emigrant.

In many cases the level of remittances in underdeveloped countries is quite high, which improves the purchasing power of the people who receive them.

Likewise, they stimulate some economic areas such as the construction area, because these people with more money build a more decent type of housing. In general, remittances contribute to the development of the recipient country.

Negative effects of emigration

1. Brain drain

Likewise, brain drain occurs when professional or talented people from one country migrate to another, after they do not find the right conditions in their country to develop.

So if they leave their country it is because they are looking for better job or development opportunities in another place where they offer better conditions.

However, brain drain usually occurs from underdeveloped countries to developed countries, where there are better conditions for these highly qualified people.

2. Decrease internal consumption

Because by decreasing the number of people living in a country, this could cause domestic consumption to be reduced.

3. Loss of economically active population

The majority of people who migrate are people who are of working age, trying to find a better job opportunity in the country of destination.

4. Family break

Finally, there is a disintegration of families, which leads to emotional and personal problems, due to the damages caused by the physical separation of family members.

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