Elden Ring: North Liurnia at 100% and map

We tell you how to explore the northern Liurnia area of ​​Elden Ring 100%. Get up, Sinluz, that with our help you will be able to overcome one of the greatest adventures ever seen.

After completing a long journey through the verdant parts of East Liurnia , we enter the swamps of North Liurnia , where we will continue our adventure in the Elden Ring Midlands .


  1. Map of North Liurnia
  2. Shellfish Hut
  3. Whim of the wetland
  4. Rose Church
  5. District of the temples
  6. Thops Barrier Ash of War
  7. Smarg, Dragon of Shimmering Stone
  8. Academy Crystal Cavern
  9. Crystal Soto
  10. Sorcerer’s Island
  11. Testu Tower

Northern Liurnia Map

The first thing of all, as always, is to locate the obelisk and the map , to discover the area properly. Head from the Bridge to the East Liurnia settlement and follow the path northwest.


You will find the obelisk on the right hand side as you proceed. Interact with him to get the map, as usual.

Once you’re done, activate the Place of Grace Settlement in front of the academy .

shellfisher’s hut

Head southwest , until you reach this Place of Grace, as well as being a named location.

There is a very nice man and nothing else. Go to the islet to the southwest to find some enemies and a pedestal with the Crystal Tear of Prowess .

wetland whim

This Place of Grace will be directly west of the islet we just left.

You’ve probably got the message by now, but just in case, STAY AWAY FROM THE FUCKING LOBSTERS . They’re not worth fighting, and half the time, it’ll be you who ends up in the rice and not them.

Church of the Rose

It continues to the north-northwest island . You can see “paths” in the water, try to use them so you don’t drift too far.

Watch out for the enemy that will appear in front of the… tree? It can easily cause bleeding. When you kill him, pick up the Nomad Warrior’s Manual [13] from the side . Next, if you stand on the edge of the rocks and look northwest , you should see a bugball. When you kill him, you will get the Blade of Hemofire .

Finally, on the north facade of the church you will find the guy who welcomed you to the Elden Ring, Varre. Talk to him and exhaust the dialogue options and he will hand you an Infested Blood Finger .

temple district

Continuing towards the set of islets to the northwest , we will arrive at the District of the temples.

On one of the southern islets, in the remains of a tower , there is a chest with the Frostbark Hatchet weapon , pick it up. Apart from that, you won’t find much here beyond some poisonous plant and common materials. There is a Place of Grace in the northwest area .

War Ash Barrier of Thops

If you go to the westernmost islet of the area you have available on the map, you will find a special bugball.

To kill him you have to shoot projectiles , if you get close he disappears, and when he gets hit, too. It will appear at another point on the islet and you will have to follow it and finish it off. He will give you the Thops Barrier Ash of War as a reward. It is possible that it will drop a Forging Stone instead of the Cinder . It depends on how you got to this point, but it doesn’t affect the guide at all. Later you will get a second ash and they are not necessary for anything in particular.

Smarg, Dragon of Shimmering Stone

If you go directly north of Grace Place Temple Quarter , you’ll bump into a dragon as soon as you reach the next islet.

Try to carry arrows, it will be a distance combat.

  • How to defeat Smarg, Shimmering Stone Dragon

After finishing him off, pick up the Academy’s Shimmering Stone Key from a hole in the rocks just behind where he was.

Academy Crystal Cavern

The entrance to this dungeon is northeast of the dragon , on the west coast of the Academy. You must use a Stone Blade Key to enter, do so and you should have 5 left.

In this dungeon there are rats and wizards . Beware of the Stone Sword Key in a cage after the first area with wizards, on an alternative path from the area before opening the wooden door. At the end you will come across two Crystallines . Upon death, they will drop Crystal Release , a new spell. After defeating them, use the elevator at the bottom to reach an Academy tower where you will find the Terra Magicus spell .

crystal grove

There is another Place of Grace to the northwest of the cave.

Sorcerer’s Island

You’ll reach this island (and its Place of Grace) by going northwest of the lake .

Tower of Testu

It is on the island of the previous Grace Place .

When you try to enter, you will see a barrier and you will be told to locate three sentient beasts . Turtles again: there’s one to the west of the gate and the second is perched in a tree on the northeast side of the tower (use target lock to spot it easily). To find the third one, go directly south from the tower and look down on the edge. You will see a platform, above the water, with the turtle. Once in the tower, you will be able to get a Memory Stone.

We still have an area to explore before continuing with the plot. We’re going to West Liurnia .


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