Effective selection process: how to get it

By increasing the efficiency in the selection processes it is possible to improve the results of this plan oriented to the choice of talent. How to develop this line of action?


Job Description

It is important to deepen around the routine of the position that the person will occupy in response to the tasks, skills and abilities necessary to fulfill the commitments that are part of this responsibility. This first step is especially relevant since the candidates’ own curriculum must be related to this description of the competencies.


Objective of the process

This search for the ideal candidate can be integrated by different tests and time periods. In order to maintain consistency in decision-making during the different stages of this work carried out by human resources managers, it is very important to pay attention to the objective. The identification of the goal is key in relation to the diagnosis of the situation itself.


Type of selection process

Although it is common that in a situation of this type a company begins an external selection process, it is convenient not to rule out the possibility of an internal process that can be viable, especially in companies with a large workforce. In that case, it may be the case that one of the hired workers is the ideal candidate to take on the new challenge of occupying this position. One of the advantages of an internal action plan is that it can accelerate the pace in the election of a candidate, as well as reduce the investment used in the process itself.



Identification of access requirements

Making this differentiation from an external or internal process, it is convenient to design a strategy that responds to the needs of the case. In a job call published on a job board, there may be many candidates who take the initiative to deliver their CV.


Occasionally, there are also people who, despite not fully meeting the required characteristics, do not want to miss this opportunity during their active job search. Therefore, the clarification of the requirements also helps in the task of discarding those candidates who do not comply with the above.


Choice of channels to publish the offer

A company is more likely to send this information to people interested in collaborating with the entity when it does not limit the dissemination of this data to a single online medium but selects several proposals to transmit this announcement. Among the various possible resources, it is also possible to use the company’s social networks.

Testing and stages of the selection process

Starting from the description of the job position and the objective of this process, it is convenient to design a planning with the different tests. The face-to-face interview is especially important to get to know the person better through a question and answer dialogue.

Finally, it is time to communicate to the chosen candidate that you have been selected for the position. If he continues to be interested in the offer, the contract will be signed.


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