Characteristics of an entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is a brave person who starts an initiative from faith in the potential of his idea, but also, from overcoming fear of failure. Fear is a reality that is also part of the adventure of entrepreneurship, but the protagonist does not transform this fear into an excuse for not trying.


An entrepreneur is a person with a practical vision to make possible that project to which he has devoted so much time for reflection. He is a proactive person who influences the future through the present of actions that are contextualized on the horizon of what happens here and now. The entrepreneur is a creative professional who does not position himself reactively before the course of reality but is the protagonist. It is someone who has a vision and assumes it as their own.

The entrepreneur implements the initiative from different fields: in networking, in the search for answers, in personal and professional development.


Faced with the possible example of who begins a path with motivation, but soon gives up on its initial purpose because of the obstacles encountered in this experience, the profile of an entrepreneur is the example of someone who has a high degree of motivation with the decision made. It is constant in fulfilling this mission that it is aligned with a realistic vision.


The entrepreneur is committed to his project because he is aware that his decisions produce consequences. For example, the fulfillment of duty today is a nourishment of a project seen from the long term.




The initial enthusiasm of a business idea is reinforced at later stages through the optimism of the one who interprets the present from this point of view. This quality always has its basis in reality. An entrepreneur is an observer since it is on this map that he finds a frame of reference to measure the results and monitor the initiatives carried out.


In addition, this characteristic also describes the attitude of an eternal student since learning is born from observation.


Each worker interprets their reality from their own point of view. Entrepreneurship is also the expression of a creative mentality that is accompanied by a leadership based on knowledge, experience or illusion for this idea. An entrepreneur is an influential person because through his actions he generates significant changes. His deeds go beyond himself. For example, with your business idea you can improve the quality of life of potential clients, you have the opportunity to create jobs and transform the landscape of the neighborhood through a new point of sale.

Therefore, these are some of the characteristics of an entrepreneur. But any trait is individualized through the personal essence of each protagonist that relies on their strengths. In essence, true entrepreneurs are vocational people who identify this purpose from their own happiness.


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