7 E commerce Mistakes To Avoid

Check out the 7 E commerce Mistakes To Avoid  that can harm your business and learn how to avoid them.Selling online is quite different from selling in a physical store, where the customer can take the product.

1 Lack of coordination within the business

You must appoint a person or team within the company that is in charge of coordinating the web site development and management process.

Failure to perform this function can lead to problems, including frequent ignorance of the page’s end purpose, duplication of tasks, and lack of accountability.

2 Lack of market studies

One must know what competitors are doing on the web. If any competitor offers a similar product or service , it is necessary to rethink the idea of ​​offering it with some unique and distinctive features that will ensure greater chances of success.

3 Lack of planning in page advertising

It is advisable to have a plan that defines the advertising of the page, so be sure that people want to access the information.

The plan to generate traffic must incorporate elements as simple as the address of the electronic page in all printed materials of the company (business cards, stationery and receipts, etc.).

4 Lack of clear goals

You may just want to give your business information; or your goals go further, and you intend to create automated email responses or even receive requests through this means.

Whatever the objective, it is important to decide from the outset how to develop the tools needed to measure whether that goal is achieved or not.

5 Bad resource allocation

In the beginning many business They invested in the development of large sophisticated pages and then claimed that the amount of orders received through their website did not pay the production costs.

It is important to carry out a cost-benefit analysis from the outset, building different response scenarios, to ensure that the initial investment is really worth it.

6 Inappropriate screen

These images need to be professional and reflect the vision of the company, but at the same time they are simple enough to take little time to be uploaded and viewed by the customer .

Because they will form an opinion about your business based on the perception derived from those first 10 seconds of contact with your page. Build a friendly, attractive, professional page with several menu options relevant to your business.

7 Lack of planning ahead of the international market

E-commerce is essentially an international market and as such, problems related to trading abroad may arise, even when the entrepreneur does not specifically try to attract customers from other latitudes.

You need to be prepared for this opportunity, so try to explore (with enough time to make a good decision), among others.

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