Is eating before bed bad?

Most people must have heard of it, or experienced the experience of waking up in the middle of the night in a bad mood, or even in the morning with an uncomfortable stomach. One of the possible causes may have been derived from what you ate the night before, especially if you went to sleep right after your meal. But why does this happen?

The moment we start to sleep, our systems start to work more slowly. This also occurs with the digestive system and that is why it is recommended to eat food at least two hours before bedtime. Sleeping on a full stomach can cause indisposition, because instead of resting, the body will be digesting food.


Does sleeping on a full stomach cause reflux?

Gastroesophageal reflux is the return of stomach contents to the esophagus and towards the mouth, causing pain and inflammation. This happens when the muscle that is supposed to prevent stomach acid from flowing out does not work as it should.

When we lie down, the pressure inside the abdomen naturally increases , as does the pressure in the stomach. If a person who has a tendency to reflux sleeps with a full stomach, the risk of the food in the stomach going to the esophagus is greater. Therefore, it is necessary to wait for part of the food to have been digested before going to bed.


Eating before bed is fattening?

According to experts in the field, when someone eats, a series of metabolic processes develop. Hormones are released in the food absorption process. Therefore, if the patient eats and then goes to sleep, these hormonal mechanisms can have negative impacts on the body, and some of these impacts include weight gain or even obesity.


What to eat at night?

For evening meals, fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates are more suitable. Although some people insist that it is not good to eat carbohydrates at night, they are essential for those who perform physical and / or professional activities during the day. It is a way to replenish the energy that was spent during that period.


What to avoid eating before bed?

Foods high in fat and red meat, for example, hinder digestion and cause that feeling of bloated belly. Another important point is not to drink stimulating drinks, as they can disturb sleep.


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