How to easily restore Windows 10

A few days ago your PC with Windows 10 installed began to have a tantrum. It has become extremely slow and you are noticing some abnormal malfunctions that did not exist before. Reading the answers to the questions you asked in the various groups on Facebook, you were advised to try to restore Windows 10. Unfortunately, not being so practical on the subject, you don’t know how to proceed. Do not worry if you are reading these lines it means that you have come to my blog and you will see that the procedure is simpler than you think. In the following paragraphs I want to explain step by step how to restore Windows 10 through two methods.

Here’s how to reset Windows 10 and restore it to factory settings without losing any data saved on your PC

Before starting I wanted to tell you that to restore Windows 10 there is more than one method, exactly there are two methods. The first method is to restore Windows 10 easily and restore it to factory settings using the Reset your PC function The second method is to restore Windows 10 using the Media Creation Tool, a small free program provided by Microsoft through which you can download the ISO image and reinstall the Windows 10 operating system from scratch through the BIOS. Well said we can proceed.

Important: before performing the Windows 10 operating system recovery operations, I recommend that you make a backup of what you think is most appropriate to save in order not to irretrievably lose all the data on your computer. If you don’t know how to backup Windows 10, read this simple guide.

How to reset Windows 10 with Reset your PC

If you have chosen to restore Windows 10 to factory data with the first easiest method through the Reset PC function built into the operating system then proceed in this way. As a first step click with the right mouse button on the Windows 10 Start icon (the one in the shape of a flag) located at the bottom left corner of the Taskbar and from the menu that appears select the item Settings .

In the new window that opens on the desktop click on Update and security , then from the left sidebar click on Recovery and then on the right side on the Start button located under the word Reset the PC .

At this point, in the window that appears if you choose the Keep my files option, only the apps and settings will be removed while keeping your personal files (photos, documents, videos, etc.), while if you choose the Remove all option, apps will be removed , settings and even all your personal files.

If you have opted for the option Keep my files to restore Windows 10, follow the wizard that is proposed to you by pressing the Next button and wait for the computer to do its operations. If you are not sure about the procedure just explained, press the Cancel button at any time.

If as an alternative you have chosen the Remove all option from the next window that appears, select the Remove only my personal files item to proceed and restore Windows 10 faster. While if you press on the word Remove files and clean the drive and then on Reset . This operation takes much longer even a few hours, but it will still more securely delete the files that were saved on the PC. Once you have made your choice, follow the procedure that is proposed to you on the screen. Again you can hit the Cancel button if you think twice.

After selecting one of the two options, the PC restarts and the Windows 10 configuration procedure starts, from which you can adjust the various settings to your liking regarding the Microsoft operating system. At the end of the configuration, if you are prompted, remember to activate the copy of Windows 10 by providing the key of the product in your possession.

To activate Windows 10 click with the right mouse button on the Windows 10 Start icon (the one in the shape of a flag) located at the bottom left corner of the Taskbar and from the menu that appears select the item Settings> Update and security > Activation> Change product Key .

How to restore Windows 10 with Media Creation Tool

If you have decided to proceed with the second method using the Media Creation Tool, the free program made available by Microsoft to download any version of Windows 10 that allows you to copy the ISO image to a USB stick or DVD and install the system operating on the PC then proceed and follow the next paragraphs.

Given the greater difficulty of the second method, I decided to make a separate guide, where I explain all the steps to be performed in great detail and how to proceed to reinstall Windows 10 from scratch


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