The 7 best EAD platforms to train project teams

Many obstacles can make it difficult to train project teams. Empowering a large number of people who have different agendas and locations is often a big challenge. Despite this, with the aid of distance learning platforms, this problem can be easily overcome.

How can EAD platforms be useful in project management?

EAD platforms are means by which you can provide and apply courses and training. Most of these platforms work in the cloud, so they can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Such characteristics allow the creation of training for your project team and the availability of this content on the platform, allowing any member of the team to access it at the time it is needed, and eliminating the need for repetition of lessons.

Now that we understand how a distance learning platform can help you in project management, let’s find out which are the best 7:

7 Best EAD platforms for project teams


1-      Twygo

Twygo is the EAD platform used and recommended by us at Artia , so it tops the list.

Specially designed for corporate training, Twygo has professional tools that allow excellent monitoring and management of the team’s learning.

For example: it is possible to obtain complete and detailed graphs about the progress of classes and the team, and individual performance reports. In addition, you can create learning trails, develop assessments, and motivate your team through gamification.

It is worth remembering that it does not only support video lessons. It is also possible to provide PDF e-books, Power Point presentations, spreadsheets, etc.

As Twygo is a Brazilian tool, its support is 100% national and the service is very efficient.

Samba tech

Samba tech is a distance learning platform specialized in online videos . The interesting thing about it is that you can almost create a “corporate Youtube”, allowing the team to like and favor the content they like best and get content recommendations for each user profile.

In addition to the videos, it is also possible to make files of complementary materials available in other formats, such as PDF, Doc, etc.


Eadbox is an EAD platform for corporate training or selling courses online. It has a very intuitive operation and, like the others, allows a broad monitoring of learning.

Among the most interesting features are the possibility of transmitting video lessons live and the thorough customization of your portal, allowing changes in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and via API.

Hotmart Club

The Hotmart Club is an EAD platform widely known in the market, and is more focused on selling online courses, but nothing prevents it from being used in corporate training.

It became popular through its affiliate program, where someone can receive a commission to sell the course created by others online, that is, it is possible to be a course creator, or a seller.

In the corporate world, it enables a very competent management of business training.


Moodle is an EAD platform used in several spaces for a long time, mainly in the public sector.

The difference with Moodle is that it is free software, and is available for free.

The downside is that its operation is much more complex and requires installation and maintenance. This can be uncomfortable as it requires certain IT skills to really be able to enjoy its benefits, such as free code customization.


Udemy is an EAD platform that recently entered the market to compose the team of platforms focused on selling online courses. Like the others, it allows you to upload different content formats and also has a chat for students to interact with each other and with the instructors. The platform has an application for Android, iOS and Apple TV.


Thinkr is also a good option when it comes to distance learning platforms. It is customizable so that you can have the look of your business, it allows the use of discount coupons. It also provides useful statistics for course managers to help manage them.

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