Dualid Medicine

Dualid is an anorectic medicine whose active ingredient is Amfepramone.This oral drug inhibits appetite and is indicated for obesity treatment, but to result in weight loss the drug must be combined with diets, exercise and behavioral changes.Dualid acts on the brain, precisely in the area of ​​satiety, thereby suppressing the appetite.

Dualid Indications


Dualid Side Effects

Gastrointestinal : Changes in taste; abdominal pain; dry mouth; diarrhea; constipation;Vomit.

Cardiovascular : Cardiac arrhythmia; increased heartbeat; rise or fall in blood pressure;palpitation.

Central Nervous System: Decreased concentration; weakness; Headache; irritability;depression; personality modification; dizziness; nervousness.

Dermatological : Urticaria; itching.

Eyepiece: Blurred vision; blurred vision.

Others : Breast enlargement; chest pain; impotence; irregular menstruation; urinary disorder.

Dualid Contraindications

Pregnancy risk B ; lactating women; chronic alcoholism; asteriosclerosis; heart disease;glaucoma; cerebral ischemia; high pressure; states of agitation; hyperthyroidism; drug users; uremia; psychosis (schizophrenia); children under 16 years.

Dualid Usage

Oral use

(1 hour before meals)


  • Administer 25 g of Dualid 3 times daily or 75 g in a single daily dose, preferably mid-morning.

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