Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, how to gain more experience and level up fast

We offer you a series of tricks and tips to gain more experience and level up faster in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, both Goku and the rest of the Warriors need to gain experience and level up constantly in order to face the enemies that will appear throughout the adventure proposed by the game. For this reason, and as part of this complete guide , we offer you a series of tips as long as you get it as easy as possible.

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How to gain experience and level up fast

As you can imagine, the easiest way to gain experience and level up quickly is to complete the main missions in the story in addition to the secondary tasks . One of the rewards we get by helping various characters in the Dragon Ball universe is experience, so we recommend that you complete all the side missions that come out as you progress through the story.

In addition, the progress in the main plot of the game also will grant EXP in large quantities, as there are several key events such as training Super Saiyan of Son Gohan and Goku (something that makes getting them this transformation and be much more powerful) that will give us a lot of experience, thanks to which we will level up. Therefore, we recommend not to leave out the main story, since we assure you that the endgame of the title will keep us very busy after finishing it.

Beyond the aforementioned, we can also dedicate part of our free time to training (in those blue points marked in the areas of the map), something that also helps us to increase the level of our abilities by using D-Medals to carry out these trainings. This is essential, since if we access the Skill Tree of each of the controllable characters we will see that there are some branches blocked because we must train this movement in training before we can improve and develop it.


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