Dorotheanthus bellidiformis

Dorotheanthus bellidiformis . It is a species of succulent plant belonging to the aizoáceas family . It is native to South Africa .


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Common names

  • Doroteantus
  • Margaret of Livingstone
  • Mesembryanthemum
  • Magic carpet


It is a small succulent, upholstery or creeping plant, evergreen that reaches a size of 15 cm in height. It has succulent and lanceolate leaves and the flowers arranged in daisy-like heads and in bright shades of red, pink, yellow or white depending on the variety, it blooms in [[summer].


  • Easy to grow.
  • Suitable for dry and warm places.
  • They need a lot of sun.
  • The flowers open in the heat of the sun .
  • They do not resist frost. The plant disappears with the first frosts, hence it is cultivated as an annual.
  • Soil rather poor and sandy.
  • He doesn’t like compact, wet soil.
  • Live well on slopes and stony ground.
  • Irrigation : infrequent, but do not leave it in summer and if there is prolonged drought .
  • Fertilizer: fertilize with full fertilizer in autumn .
  • Remove withered flowers .
  • Cut dry or very long shoots at the end of winter .
  • Pests and diseases: mealybugs and mold rot.
  • Renew the plants every 3 years so that they do not lose vigor.
  • Multiplication: by cuttings in summer or by seeds in spring .
  • Sown or transplanted in a dense way, it constitutes a true tapestry of multicolored flowers.
  • The sowing is done in a seedbed in early spring, with transplanting to the ground afterwards or to a pot. Keep the surface moist, not wet. Exclude light , darkness is necessary. Closure in a polythene bag . The Germination usually takes 15-21 days.
  • When the seedlings are fairly stable, transplant and grow in cooler conditions for 10-15 days before being planted outdoors, avoiding the last frost of winter . Leave a distance of 30 cm between plants.

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