Does it matter having multiple bosses with multiple characters?

Decades of working in the same division, with positions at the Management level in several different industries, do not guarantee that someone will automatically be able to handle the leadership. Especially if we have a leader with more than 1 leader (Board of Directors) with the condition of being a new employee too. Every leader must have different behavior.

It takes time to adapt to one another. How long an adaptation process will take is often not determined. According to my observation, many senior employees (Dept. Head level and above) have actually failed in this process, even though they have worked in their fields for decades. There are several things that are very important and need to really be considered by a senior employee in building good interactions with his new leader.

Here are the things that might help in the adaptation process:
1. Realize that leaders need time to be able to give us confidence
2. We need to recognize character and sensitive things for leaders
3. Position ourselves to be willing to open up to learn in a new corporate environment
4. Avoid conflict in the first year
5. Show our respect and kindness
6. Learn every thing, every incident, every information, and everything that happens in the company

The biggest thing that often causes the failure of this process is when we feel that we are senior, feel that we have a lot of experience, are in a high position and end up thinking “feel inappropriate” to be looked down on or treated like other employees under him by the leader. This is important to note. Whenever you have a smart boss, it is important to acknowledge it and take the opportunity to absorb as much knowledge as possible from the boss. No need to try to compete with him, at the right time, your expertise will certainly be recognized.

Conversely, a humble attitude (in some conditions even requires us to be able to simulate ourselves as low as possible), very helpful for us to be able to build good relationships and the end is “trust” from the leader to us. Suppose this is part of the struggle to win the new arena of competition, if we really realize that we need this job and the leader holds the reins to decide whether we are appropriate or not to occupy our current position.

If the boss only focuses on himself and does not make efforts to develop his subordinates, this does not mean that this is a nightmare that makes you rush to leave. Especially if you have a lot to learn from your team. Soak up as much of the knowledge that is around you before making sure to leave. In essence, no matter what type of boss you have, it can’t stop you from growing.


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