Does Bumble send emails when you get in-app matches?

Staying informed about the activities of our social networks and dating sites is very important. Well, if you receive the notice of a contact, you can quickly respond to the messages or matches received. Therefore, this article will clarify if Bumble sends emails when you get matches within the application or what is the way in which this application notifies. In addition, it will be explained how the pairings work within this hive of bees.

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  1. How does matchmaking work in Bumble?
  2. What kind of notifications does Bumble send to its users?
  3. When having a match, will Bumble notify you by any means?
  4. How can you see the list of your pairings on Bumble?

How does matchmaking work in Bumble?

Once you’ve completed your Bumble registration and completed your profile information, this app takes you to a section where you can view other people’s profiles . In this sense, you will be presented with a list of people to search for a match or a match, as in Tinder .

In this list, you can open the profile photo that these users have placed, as well as read the information that these people have written in their biography. As in Tinder, in this application you can also find the function of swiping to the right or left the profile of another person to find a match or reject another user.

After a match is made with a person, Bumble provides 24 hours to start a conversation. Although whoever seeks the match has the opportunity to praise for 24 more hours in case the first deadline is met without having initiated communications.

This function is done so as not to miss the opportunity to talk to someone with whom you genuinely want to talk and strike up a match. However, you must remember the main feature of Bumble. Which is, only women can start a conversation with another person.

What kind of notifications does Bumble send to its users?

Bumble has various notifications within its application as well as on its virtual platform . In this sense, you can expect the application to notify you when you have paired a match with a user. Likewise, every time a message is received , the mobile will also ring to announce this reception.

Other notifications can appear when the 24-hour time limit for starting a conversation is about to expire . Well, the app warns to give the possibility of extending the time for another full day or if you want this meeting attempt to be eliminated. Updates will also be notified via mobile.

When having a match, will Bumble notify you by any means?

In the event that any user of this dating platform accepts a match or pairing with your profile, Bumble generates a notice. In this order of ideas, the application provides a notification to let you know that the match has been executed and for you to go to observe the list of matches . You will receive this notification on your mobile or on your computer if you use the web version.

Whereas, the mail does not receive notifications of matches made in the Bumble application. This is specified in the application’s terms of service, as they say that this app reserves the right to notify via email text messages of encounters or pairings made within its platform.

However, this does not mean that you will never receive emails sent by Bumble. Well, this app uses emails to notify when there is a new update to the platform, so that you can quickly go to update the app. So you can count on the new functions and features. Likewise, you will see an email from Bumble every time there is an offer or important news about this tool.

How can you see the list of your pairings on Bumble?

By viewing the list of pairings or matches that you have had in Bumble you can decide with which person to start a conversation, in case you are a woman of course. Men can view the list of matches just to see how long until the chance for the female to initiate the conversation to expire.

To enter this list, the first thing you should do is open the Bumble application. After this, you appear at the beginning of the app from where you must look for a bubble at the bottom of the screen. This bubble is the one that indicates the section where all the chats and conversations made in Bumble are located.

In the new window that opens, look at the upper area, because in this place it looks like the queue or list of matches made. There you can also see the matches that have already expired and therefore, you cannot speak. Therefore, if you want to start a conversation or extend the expiration time, you must select one of the profiles that appear in the queue and execute the message.

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