Discovering the treasure in the Church

or the Church, the Bible is a source of wisdom and wealth about the life of Jesus

In this month dedicated to the Bible, the Church wants to train us to live every day of our lives looking for the treasure that is in the Holy Book, because “The Kingdom of Heaven is comparable to a treasure that was hidden in a field, and a man finds out” (Mt 13.44).

When Jesus told the parable of the treasure, he knew that, in His time, there was a legal procedure: if someone went to work in a land that did not belong to him and found a safe, a chest or even a precious coin in the soil, it was necessary to buy the ground to deserve the find. In the tradition of our fathers of faith (patristic), they saw, in this treasure, the symbol, mainly, of Christ, bearer of the riches of the Kingdom and the Kingdom in person. Now, where does the Bible go into that parable? It, we can say, is the chest or the safe that carries Jesus. That is why we can, with and as the Church, affirm: ?? ”The Christian faith is not a religion of the book! Christianity is the religion of the Word of God, not of a written and silent word, but of the incarnate and living Word ”?? (CIC 108).

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Know the Word of God

The holy doctors of the Church went so deeply into this religion of the Word of God, to the point that they could witness, in written sermons and with their own lives, like the 16th century Saint Lawrence of Brindisi, who tells us: the Word of God it is light for intelligence, fire for will, so that man can know and love God. The Word is a spiritual treasure of merits for the soul, which is why it is said to be gold and very precious stone. Is it a hammer against the hard obstinacy of the heart in vices and against the flesh, the world and the devil, sword that kills all sin ??

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It was Master Church who generated a multitude of saints for the salvation of many, this through the power of the Word and the sacraments. At the Second Vatican Council (1962 to 1965), knowing the need for contemporary saints, he recorded three criteria, which are found in the New Catechism (CIC 112 to 114), for an interpretation of Sacred Scripture, according to the Holy Spirit, and not according to the dangerous modern subjectivism, which has divided Christianity by the thousands:

  1. We must pay close attention to the content and unity of the entire Scripture;
    2. Read the Scripture within the living Tradition of the entire Church;
    3. Be aware of the analogy of faith.

Thanks to God, this Council was Ecumenical and Pastoral, because God is calling all His people to a mystical interpretation of the Word, which generates communion among Christians and salvation for all. For this reason, the Canção Nova family wants, with you, this September, to contemplate, in a new way, this safe of Christ that, since the discovery of the press, by João Gutemberg (1396-1460), has reached more than 1,685 languages , but it still needs to reach many illiterates of the faith, mainly through the Living Gospel, which is each one of us.


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