10 Dilemma Examples

In the vast expanse of human experience, ethical and moral dilemmas consistently arise, challenging our values, principles, and beliefs. Here are ten such dilemmas that people might encounter in different situations, illustrating the complexities inherent in decision-making.

Dilemma Examples

  1. The Trolley Problem Imagine you’re controlling a lever that can divert a runaway trolley. If you do nothing, the trolley will hit and kill five people. If you divert it, it will kill one person. Do you pull the lever?
  2. Medical Priorities In a hospital with a limited number of respirators, do doctors save a young, healthy patient or an older patient with pre-existing conditions? What factors should guide this decision?
  3. The Self-driving Car Scenario Your autonomous car faces a situation where it can either swerve and hit a pedestrian or stay its course and crash into a barrier, likely harming you. Which action should it prioritize?
  4. Truth or Harm? You discover that your close friend’s spouse is having an affair. Do you tell your friend and potentially ruin their happiness or stay silent, protecting them from pain but keeping them in the dark?
  5. Job Loyalty versus Better Opportunity You receive a job offer from a competing company with better pay and perks. Do you leave your current role, where your coworkers and superiors have always supported you, or remain loyal despite the lure of the new position?
  6. Stealing to Feed a Family If someone is destitute and their family is starving, is it morally justifiable for them to steal food to feed them? Where does society draw the line between survival and breaking the law?
  7. The Whistleblower’s Dilemma You discover illegal or unethical behavior at your workplace. Do you expose it, risking your job and professional relationships, or stay silent to protect your livelihood?
  8. Choosing Between Two Evils In a wartime scenario, you’re a resistance leader captured by the enemy. They give you a choice: reveal the location of your comrades, or they’ll torture an innocent civilian. Which decision causes less harm?
  9. The Sacrifice for Greater Good To save a community from a deadly disease, one person has to be sacrificed. Is the life of one worth less than the well-being of many? Who gets to make this decision?
  10. Lying to Protect Feelings Your friend asks for feedback on a project they’ve poured their heart into, but you genuinely dislike it. Do you offer a white lie to protect their feelings, or provide honest criticism potentially causing hurt?

Each of these dilemmas forces a confrontation with our deeply-held beliefs and values. While there may not be definitive answers, the process of grappling with such questions helps shape our character and offers profound insights into the human condition.

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