What Are the Different Types of Military Financial Assistance?

Military financial aid covers everything from emergency funds to paying bills to grants to allow military families to graduate. Some military financial aid comes from every branch of the service, but other assistance is available from service organizations. Assistance is usually available to service members, spouses, children and widows or orphans.

Several military financial aid programs provide emergency cash to pay rent or buy food when an unexpected need arises. These emergency funds can also cover home repairs, auto repairs, insurance and utilities. Most of these grants are limited to a certain number of requests but do not require a refund. Usually, the money goes directly to the creditor, such as a car repair shop or mortgage.

Some of these military financial aid programs help families when an illness or injury prevents a spouse from working while a family member is deployed. Funds may also be available if a natural disaster occurs where the military family lives. Some of these programs require a certain amount of active service time before the family is eligible for assistance.

The American Red Cross also provides military financial support in times of need. This organization contributes grave costs or emergency travel expenses when a family member gets injured or ill. Funds may also be asked to prevent ejecting or interrupting the tools during times of financial stress. Food, lodging, and unexpected medical needs also fall under the military financial aid guidelines for active duty service members, reserves and retirees.

Another organization that assists military families is the Veterans of Foreign Wars. The Uncovered Needs Program grants funds for everything from baby diapers to childcare costs in an emergency. Assistance with home repairs represents another form of financial military assistance offered by the organization. Families can only ask for help twice.

Each branch of the military offers various forms of assistance to members of the armed forces. If a service member is injured, for example, the military pays travel expenses for the spouse to visit. Some programs assist with childcare while the spouse is away, if needed. Other programs bridge the gap in pay when a reservist is called to serve. A scholarship program provides funds for children to continue in youth sports, school trips, mentoring and other activities that may strain the family’s budget while the service member is away.

Many scholarships and sources of financial aid for education also exist. Money is usually available to help service members and their families receive a college education or complete a certification program. On-the-job training or letter courses are usually covered during education grants, along with apprenticeships.

  • In return for serving for a specific number of years, members of the military are often praising financial assistance with their education.
  • Financial assistance may be available to military personnel injured in combat.
  • The American Red Cross provides financial support to members of the military and their families.
  • Military financial assistance can allow military families to graduate.
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