What are the different types of leather belts?

Leather belts have long been considered popular fashion accessories; But the many different types tend to go in and out of style with each year’s volatile trends. Details such as the buckle, the texture of the leather, and the manner in which the belts are worn can often be indicative of certain eras in fashion.

The 1980s featured a wide variety of different styles of leather belts, ranging from very thin ones to wide ones that resembled cummerbunds. Wide belts were often made of very soft, flexible leather or synthetic leather, and contained large, plastic buckles in circle or square shapes. They were sometimes worn loose on the hips, a style that has since made a fashion comeback in the new millennium. Other 1980s styles that have since emerged include checkered belts and belts with metal studs and tablecloths on chains.

In the early 1990s, woven leather belts became a popular mainstream fashion image. These styles were often sold in earth tones, such as beige, brown and black, but they have since received an update, becoming popular in metallic colors. Another style popularized in the 1990s contained large, metallic buckles and tips, sometimes in forms such as flowers or butterflies.

Modern leather belts come in various shapes and styles that are both retro-inspired and modern. Unique buckles have become a popular way of separating regular belts from the pack. Belt buckles of today come in several novelty figures and with various hallmarks of pop culture, such as those with pictures or engravings of popular bands and artists or brand names logos. Those with large, cowboy-style spans have long been a timeless feature of western wear and fashion.

Leather belts are most often worn with jeans; However, more “slender” styles, such as thick belts or bonded “rope” belts, may also be worn with formal wear. Real leather belts most often carry a stamp on the inside to distinguish them from belts made of synthetic materials.

  • A woman wearing a leather belt.
  • Glued leather, which is sometimes used to make belts.
  • Belt buckles of today come in several news figures and with various signs of pop culture.
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