What is the difference between publicity and advertising?

Advertising and advertising are promotional tools, but they have different purposes. Advertising is the communication used to advertise a product or service of a company, for commercial purposes. Advertising is used to spread ideas, thoughts and causes.

publicity Advertising
Concept It is the communication carried out by a company or organization to promote products, services and ideas, in order to persuade an audience to want and buy their products. It is the communication used by organizations or people to disseminate thoughts and doctrines, usually religious, ideological or political.
Etymology From the Latin publicus , to make something public. From the Latin propagare , which means to propagate.
objective Attract the consumer with the hope of selling or contracting goods and services. It seeks adherence to an ideology or attitude change.
Ball Commercial. Political, ideological and religious.
Example Ads for the sale of houses, clothes and cars. Election or military enlistment campaigns.

What is advertising?

Advertising is the communication used to advertise products or services in order to attract buyers and users. This technique is within the 4Ps of marketing, and its purpose is mainly commercial.

Through texts and images, advertising promises consumers that the use of the products and services presented will change their lives for the better.

Techniques used by advertising

Advertising uses multimedia techniques to promote products, services and ideas, and is formatted to persuade an audience to want your products.

For this, it includes a series of activities and techniques that aim to increase knowledge about the product or service and promote its sale, such as:

  • TV spots or advertisements;
  • Radio advertising;
  • Newspaper advertisements;
  • Online advertising;
  • External advertising (billboards, posters in public transport);
  • Placement of products in programs, films and soap operas;
  • Point of sale advertising;
  • Sampling or product samples;
  • Guerrilla marketing activities, such as pamphlet distribution.

What is advertising?

American propaganda encouraging military enlistment

Advertising covers actions that aim to attract followers or influence people’s attitudes. It seeks to convince the public to adopt a certain attitude or to join a particular group or belief.

Advertising is not linked to trade, but mainly to issues:

  • Politics: in campaigns for voting, recruiting members and support, etc .;
  • Ideological: NGOs and associations;
  • Religious: attracting followers to religions and sects.

Techniques used by Advertising

Advertising is similar to advertising in that it uses the same multimedia formats to spread your message.

However, unlike advertising, advertising does not attempt to encourage the sale of a product or service. It is used to change the public’s attitudes towards a particular person or subject.


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