What is the difference between Marxism and Communism?

One of the biggest differences between Marxism and Communism is that Communism is a true political system that has been put in place in places like China and Russia, formerly known as the Soviet Union, while Marxism is a political theory about which many communist systems are developed.

Marxism refers to the social , economic  and political theories of the scholar Karl Marx; these theories provide the basis for most communist systems and theories, although some communist governments have developed beyond Marxist theory. For example, communism under specific leaders can take on different characteristics and can become characterized by the name of the leader, as in Leninism or Stalinism.

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Although most forms of communism are derived in some way from the writings of Marx, there are some forms of communism that are non-Marxist in origin, including Christian communism and anarchist communism.

Marx believed that capitalism was a necessary historical step on the path to communism, a system that theoretically offers equal rights to all members of a communist state through the abolition of capital and personal property. However, Marxism advocates a strong central government, while some forms of communism, including anarchist communism, call for the total abolition of the entire government. Furthermore, Marx’s work focuses strongly on class stratification and calls for a world without class divisions, something that may not have been accomplished in real communist practice.


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