What is the difference between creative and imitative play?

Young children learn about the world through imitation and they imitate what they see. During imitative play, the child repeats specific actions without developing new props, characters, ideas, or story lines. Some imitations are good. For example, many children watch their parents care for infants and imitate these nurturing behaviors. Other imitations can be destructive and violent. Violent themes expressed in imitative play are often based on violent scenes watched on TV. For example, many children mimic martial arts behaviors they have seen on television which often result in others being hurt. Imitating violent TV does

What is creative play? As children develop physically and socially, play can become more creative. Each child moves towards creative play at his or her own rate. Creative play results from children building on their own knowledge and experiences. They turn play into a unique creation by adding new props, characters, ideas, and story lines.

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