Diane 35: How to take and possible side effects

Diane 35 is an oral contraceptive designed to prevent pregnancy, acne treatment, excess hair and polycystic ovary syndrome.Diane 35 is produced by the Schering laboratory and can be purchased at pharmacies, and should only be used with the recommendation of the gynecologist.


Diane 35 is indicated for the treatment of acne, papulopustular acne, nodulocystic acne, mild cases of excess hair and polycystic ovary syndrome.

This birth control pill can also be used to prevent pregnancy but should not be used solely for this purpose but should be used only to treat the aforementioned problems. In addition, it is recommended that the pill be stopped 3 to 4 cycles after the problem is resolved.


The price of Diane 35 varies between 15 and 45 reais.

How to take

Diane 35 should be taken as follows:

  1. Start a pack of Diane 35 from the first day of your period;
  2. Take 1 tablet a day at approximately the same time with water;
  3. Follow the direction of the arrows, following the order of the days of the week, until taking all 21 dragees;
  4. Take a break of 7 days. During this period, about 2 to 3 days after taking the last pill, bleeding similar to menstruation should occur;
  5. Start new pack on day 8, even if there is still bleeding.

This is the correct way to take your doctor-recommended pill.

What to do if you forget to take

If you forget less than 12 hours of the usual time, you should take the forgotten tablet as soon as you remember and the rest at the usual time, even if you have to take two pills on the same day. In this case, the contraceptive effect of the pill is maintained.If forgetfulness is longer than 12 hours, the contraceptive effect of the pill is diminished. Get more details on What to do if you forget to take Diane 35 .

Side effects

Side effects of Diane 35 include nausea, abdominal pain, body weight gain, headache, depression, mood swings, breast pain, vomiting, diarrhea, fluid retention, migraine, decreased sexual desire, increased size of the breasts, hives, contact lens intolerance, allergic reactions, thrombosis, stroke, high blood pressure, increased blood fat, liver tumors, gallstones, systemic lupus erythematosus, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and cervical cancer.


Diane 35 is contraindicated in pregnancy if suspected pregnancy, during breastfeeding, in men, in women who are hypersensitive to any of the components of the formula and in:

  • thrombosis or previous history of thrombosis;
  • current or previous history of embolism in the lung or other parts of the body;
  • heart attack or previous history of heart attack;
  • stroke or previous history of stroke;
  • current or previous history of diseases that may be indicative of heart attack such as angina pectoris or stroke;
  • current or previous history of migraine accompanied by symptoms such as blurred vision, difficulty speaking, weakness or numbness in any part of the body;
  • diabetes with blood vessel injury;
  • liver disease or previous history of liver disease;
  • current or previous history of cancer;
  • liver tumor or previous history of liver tumor;
  • vaginal bleeding without explanation.

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