Diana Wiesner Ceballos

Diana Wiesner Ceballos. Colombian architect. Her lines of work focus on issues of urban ecology applied to the design of public space, urban design, planning and execution of green areas.


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biographical synthesis

He was born in Colombia .


Architect from the Universidad de los Andes , specialist in Landscape Architecture from the University of Buenos Aires , with a master’s degree in Bioclimatics and studies in Biodiversity, Urban Planning and Sustainable Sciences.

Director of her company, with recognized experience in urban ecology with social management. Founder and director of the Fundación Cerros de Bogotá, a leading civic organization in processes of management and defense of the natural system of Bogotá and its region, whose work focuses on the undertaking of citizen actions and consensus on the visions of the city and its landscape .

He is a representative of civic and ecological organizations and a member of the Verification Committee of the Council of State’s ruling on the Cerros de Bogotá. She leads the Civil Society and Children’s Node of the Latin American Landscape Initiative (Lali).

Author and contributor to Nature of Cities and La Silla Vacía . She currently heads the jury for the Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe International Award, the highest honor IFLA bestows on a living landscape architect.


He has received various awards and distinctions in national and international biennials of architecture and landscape , art , sustainable construction and social management. Among the most recent recognitions are The Next Green Awards ( 2016 ) in the Environment and Community categories in LA


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