Diana Pombo

Diana Carolina Pombo Holguin. Colombian architect and environmentalist. She is the author of the first Environmental Profile of Colombia and the first National Biodiversity Strategy .


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biographical synthesis

He was born in Bogotá , Colombia on January 10 , 1952 . He is a graduate of the National University of Colombia .


He specializes in environmental issues in France , Germany , and Brazil . She is characterized by her permanent work in the construction of environmental policies for Colombia , emphasizing the protection of nature and the rights of indigenous, peasant and Afro-Colombian communities, she works as an advisor to Colciencias (Administrative Department of Science and Technology and Innovation), the Ministry of the Environment, the Von Humboldt Institute , the Regional Autonomous Corporations, the United Nations Organization , Oxfam and numerous non-governmental organizations, among others.

Between 1990 and 1994 , she was an advisor to the Minister of the Environment, Manuel Rodríguez Becerra. She designed the first National Biodiversity Strategy in 1993 and the first International Cooperation Program for the Environment.

One of its most important projects is the design of the First Environmental Profile of Colombia , based on the construction of a diagnosis on the use and management of natural resources and the environment .

She is Founder of the Institute of Environmental Management -IGEA- from where she coordinates a Latin American team in the international negotiation of issues of access to genetic resources of the Andean countries, for which a strategy for their conservation and sustainable use must be defined. in order to prevent the loss of biodiversity .

In 2014 , he worked with the Alexander Von Humboldt Institute in the coordination of the strategy of the project to prepare the Biodiversity Action Plan.


He died in Bogotá on November 12, 2016 due to uterine cancer . [1]


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