Devil May Cry 5 guide, tips and tricks

Evil once again roams the world and demon hunters are needed again. Nero, Nico, Dante, Trish, Lady and “V” , a new and enigmatic character, are launched into combat against a new candidate for the throne of demon king. Of course, it will be our obligation to end it using all the tools at our disposal.

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In this section we have prepared a video guide of all the missions in Son of Sparda difficulty, achieving Rank S , with specific advice for each of the missions, indications of the secret missions, fragments of blue and / or purple gems, explanations in detail of the combats with all the final bosses …


Keep in mind that these links obviously contain spoilers for each mission , in the form of the name of the final boss.

  • Prologue: Nero faces a gigantic demon.
  • Mission 1: One month after the encounter with Urizen, Nero returns to the charge.
  • Mission 2: Nero advances through a shattered city.
  • Mission 3: Searching, Nero encounters a very special demon.
  • Mission 4: V is no helpless wimp.
  • Mission 5: V makes his way through a warehouse infested with aberrations.
  • Mission 6: Nero faces a colossal monster.
  • Mission 7: Nero and V face a specter from the past.
  • Mission 8: the one-armed demon hunter seeks revenge.
  • Mission 9: V is looking for something very concrete.
  • Mission 10: Dante remembers.
  • Mission 11: Recovered from his injuries, Dante returns to the charge.
  • Mission 12: The legendary demon hunter unlocks all of its power.
  • Mission 13: The three heroes meet in an unexpected place.
  • Mission 14: V tries to keep his composure.
  • Mission 15: Nero is also having a hard time.
  • Mission 16: Dante seems the only one capable of remaining calm.
  • Mission 17: The great villain reveals his true plan.
  • Mission 18: Dante ties up loose ends.
  • Mission 19: once again to the gap.
  • Mission 20: the final battle?

Secret missions

As usual in the series, there are a series of secret missions that we can complete to obtain gem fragments , which will allow us to increase the life and DT values ​​of our characters. As has always happened, these are challenges with certain complications , which can mean that you are repeating hours and getting nowhere.

To avoid this problem, we have a video guide on how to locate all the secret missions , as well as instructions on how to overcome each one. Keep in mind that once you find a secret mission, you can repeat it from the main menu , regardless of whether you have passed it or not, to avoid having to repeat the entire main mission until you reach it.

  • Secret Mission 1: Defeat all enemies.
  • Secret Mission 2: Eliminate all Red Empusa.
  • Secret Mission 3: Collect all the red gems.
  • Secret Mission 4: Take down enemies without getting hurt.
  • Secret Mission 5: Use the Wire Snatch to reach the Blue Gem.
  • Secret Mission 6: Eliminate enemies before time runs out.
  • Secret Mission 7: Eliminate the Grim Reaper with a single shot.
  • Secret Mission 8: Keep Rank high to complete the mission.
  • Secret Mission 9: Stay in the air.
  • Secret Mission 10: Plan with V up to the gem.
  • Secret Mission 11 Reach the gem before time runs out.
  • Secret Mission 12 Get red gems to complete the last secret mission.

Characters, weapons and abilities

Devil May Cry 5 introduces us to three playable characters . As you can imagine, each of them has its own particularities, and mastering them will be necessary if we want to get out of this last adventure alive. How could it be otherwise, of course, each one has their own weapons and abilities .

Be careful because these links may have spoilers .

  • Nero’s weapons.
  • V weapons.
  • Dante’s weapons.
  • Dante’s secret weapons.

In order to offer you everything clearly, we want to talk to you about the three characters and everything related to them. We will show you the best weapons, skills and we will teach you how to use the Demon Slayer .

  • Nero:a young demon hunter wannabe. It has few weapons , but it has access to Devil Breakers.
  • V:The new character in the game. In his case he does not use weapons to attack, but demons .
  • Dante:the legend of the hunters. He is the character with the most varied game arsenal .

Blue Gems and Purple Gems

As in all installments of the saga, it is possible to increase our life bar and DT by obtaining very specific objects. These are the Blue Gems, which increase your life bar, and the Purple Gems, which do the same with your Devil Trigger indicator . Getting them will make things easier for the final bosses.

As usual, as a general rule you will get 1/4 gem and you have to collect 4 to form a complete one . Of course they cannot be “combined”, you will need 4 blue shards for one blue and vice versa.

  • Blue Gems How to get all blue gems and blue gem shards.
  • Purple Gems: how to get all purple gems and purple gem shards.

Trophy and Achievement Guide

Of course, a complete Guide to Trophies and Achievements could not be missing for those who want to get Platinum or 1,000 G of the game. Prepare for a fairly long, hard and demanding journey .

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  • Devil May Cry 5 Trophy and Achievement Guide.

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