How to develop the habit of studying?

One of the most common difficulties among students of all ages and education is to create the habit of studying. It is common to procrastinate even when an exam is approaching or if you have an important seminar to present. But do you want to put that aside? We will show here some strategies that can be used. Not leaving until tomorrow is the first step!

Studying can be simpler than it seems. It is necessary to decrease the degree of demand with yourself and develop the routine little by little. The focus needs to be on what is being learned to avoid feelings like anxiety and self-sabotage.

In addition, anticipating activities and obligations reduces student stress and leaves you more relaxed and prepared for possible tests and surprise seminars.

Organization of the place

It is important to have a place for studies, as this is how the mind will tell the body that it is time to study. To facilitate this association, it is essential to be in a clean and organized place.

Keeping the objects to be used in a visible location will also optimize time and decrease anxiety. If possible, allocating a room in the house just for that purpose can also be a favorable strategy to develop the routine.

Organization of time

To become routine, an episode has to happen every day and in studies it is no different. That way, a schedule is quite useful! Taking a few minutes or hours daily – at the same time of day, such as waking up, for example – is a simple step. Thus, the brain will understand that that moment will be dedicated to this activity.

You can also use a calendar and divide times by subject and subject to facilitate study time.

Create Goals

Dividing the content to be studied and distributing it over the days can be an objective to be accomplished. But it is important to be careful and not set goals that are too far from reality, as this can frustrate the student and discourage routine. Progressively evolving is the key to developing the habit of studying.

One way to do this is to create lists of what needs to be studied and, as you go along, mark the duty as done.

Dealing with distractions

One of the biggest problems for students is concentrating. Therefore, it is essential that he minimizes distractions at the study site. For example: the cell phone. If it is not going to be used during the learning process, the ideal is to get it out of sight.

Another thing to do is to silence notifications from social networks and set a time to check them. This way, they will not become the main reason for procrastination and the student will be able to fulfill the programmed study time.


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