Depura – Vitamin D Supplement

Depura or Depura Kids is a Vitamin D-based supplement that helps strengthen bones and teeth and can be purchased in the form of Depura drops for adults or in the form of Depura Kids for children.Debug or Debug Kids can be purchased at pharmacies, drugstores or health food stores, and requires no prescription but should only be taken on medical advice.

What is it for

Debug or Debug Kids is a Vitamin D dietary supplement that helps maintain bones and teeth and promotes intestinal absorption of calcium present in daily diet in adults and children.

How to take

Adults should take Depura once a day, and the recommended dose of 1 drop per day.
Children should take Depura Kids only on medical advice, and the recommended dose is usually 1 drop per day.


Patients who may be allergic to any of the components of the formula should not take this medicine.

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