Deponia walkthrough and game guide

Complete walkthrough of the first part of Deponia, solution of all puzzles

Deponia is Daedalic Entertainment’s popular point-and-click quest game. In this guide, we’ll show you how to walk through it from start to finish.

Deponia Walkthrough – Prologue

We are going through a little training. We talk with the assistant and examine the part on the floor. We open the inventory and connect the yin and yang, and insert the received spare part into an unremarkable groove and use the button on the left. We watch a short video and begin the adventure.

Tony’s house

We open the green suitcase on the bed and study the list of necessary items. The hero needs to collect four items: a bolt cutter, a toothbrush, provisions and socks. We examine the old suitcase and the old escape plan. We remove the pillow from the bed and take away the green sock. We go to the window on the right and from the bedside table we lift a hand burner and a can of used oil, and then we go down into the living room.

We are trying to grab a toothbrush near the sink, which will suddenly jump down and hide in a dark corner. We examine the note on the bathroom door, in which Tony will ask to clean up the house. We open the bathroom and take out the plunger. We examine the cabinet on the left and take away the detergent and the bolt cutter inside.

We try to open the first-aid kit, but it turns out to be closed, and the keys are most likely in Tony’s room. We try to get inside, but Rufus will be blocked by the guillotine. We read the note on it and go down to the floor below, where we study three more notes. Examine the cloak on the left and get a blue sock. We open the refrigerator and take away the yellow sock, and in the sink we take out the pan and fork. Pour the used oil into the sink and collect the crumbs from the sofa into an empty jar. We open the stove next to it and put a stack of notes inside. We set them on fire with a hand torch and we collect water from the tap in the sink into the pan. We put it on the burner and pour the detergent inside. We put three dirty socks in a saucepan and pull them out with a fork.

Using the plunger, open the wooden cabinet on the right and get a mousetrap. We combine food and a mousetrap in the inventory and use the resulting item in a dark corner. So the hero will be able to catch a toothbrush, the last necessary item on the list. We return to Rufus’s room and try to stuff everything into the suitcase, which we just can’t close. We remove the bolt cutter from the list of things and find ourselves in the backyard of the house.

After a short conversation with Wesel, we open the cockpit door and take out the battery from the storage compartment. We put the suitcase inside and take the wrench to the right of the passage to Tony’s room. We turn off the seat in the cockpit and go back into the house, go down to the first floor and go out into the yard. Using a wrench, unscrew the mailbox and do not try to rip off the chili. Rufus will still fail, and he will have to burn his hand.

Return to the backyard and place the mailbox in the seat. We put the battery inside and go to the control panel to calibrate the harpoon. This requires moving the target to the two flashing bars. Each lever position is divided into two sections.

The left section of the upper lever position will be inaccessible, so use the following shift sequence:

  • Left position and bottom section;
  • Top position and right section;
  • Left position and bottom section;
  • Top position and right section;
  • Left position and bottom section;
  • Down position and right section;
  • Top position and right section;
  • Left position and bottom section;
  • Top position and right section.

After completing this switching sequence, the target will be at the desired point. Rufus suddenly scares Tony. We light the wick with a hand burner after a short dialogue with the ex-girlfriend. Rufus forgot to use the nuts, so his journey will not be very pleasant: the cockpit will remain in place, and the hero, caught on a rocket, will crash into numerous obstacles. At the end of the flight, Rufus grab onto some kind of metal reinforcement and hover upside down in the air.

We pull ourselves on the chains twice and climb into the gutter. We open the suitcase nearby and take away socks and provisions. We use food on the central compartment with gears and, while the metal hand tries to clean the capsule, we put the sock on the small door on the left. We open the flap with the toe and take the mechanism with the hand, with the help of which we make an opening in the left compartment. The fairy is in trouble and Rufus wants to save the beautiful Elysian woman. We climb inside and pull the blue lever. The girl will fall down from the ship, and the guards will throw off the unsuccessful hero after the fairy.

Kuwak city

Once on the ground, we examine the objects around us and follow to the city center. A large crowd gathered outside the City Hall. We go inside to find out the situation and communicate with the locals. Pay attention to their hats. At the moment, the mayor decides who the fairy will live with. There were too many applicants, so you can only get to the appointment on a first-come, first-served basis. We use the machine and get a ticket with number 66.

We take away the magnets on the board with the announcements and go to the meeting room to the Elysian Goal. Rufus decides to help Dr. Gizmo revive the girl. To do this, you need to make strong coffee. We use the doorknob and pick up the balloons, and then go to the bar.

On the way, talk to Hannek, place the magnets as shown in the picture below, and use the bell. Each demolition house matches the hat of one of the people at the mayor’s reception. At the bar, we talk with Lonzo, who will help to prepare the most invigorating coffee in the world on his miracle machine, but for this you need to collect a lot of ingredients. Rufus will need clean water, life-giving moisture, and energy-rich water to produce a suitable liquid, as well as a stimulant, black powder, and hot beans for a special coffee grind. We leave the recipe for ourselves and take the plate from the wall, the red curtain and the dart dart.

We leave the bar and go to the rescue station. which has just opened. We take away the drill and scalpel from the medical table. We lower the lever on the left, and a police station will appear at the station. We open the locker, from which the shackles will fall out. We move the lever to the lower position, and the fire station will rise to the station. We take away fire-resistant gloves from the wall and take out a fire extinguisher from the cabinet, and put the shackles back into the compartment. We return to the police station and take away the handcuffs. We use them in the fire station mode on the brown door on the right.

We switch to the police station and see that now the hatch behind the bars is open. We return to the initial location to the car and climb up the pole. We take away the master key and open the lock. We switch the station to the medical compartment mode and hack the first-aid kit, from which we take the syringe and psychostimulant. We inflate the balloon with laughing gas and go down back to the bull. We hang a plaque with a cow on the notice board and, as soon as the bull turns around, put a red rag on it. We pump out the bull’s blood with a syringe.

We go to the mayor’s office and pick up a new number from the floor. We give him to the guard, but he will not let him into the reception, since now it is Monzel’s turn. We go to his house. He was able to open Rufus’s father’s box and now does not want to give up the biolocator. We go upstairs and take the sponge from the table, and then go downstairs and use a drill to make three holes in the pipe.

We go to Tony’s house and pick off the chili pepper that was left earlier. For this we use fireproof asbestos gloves. Now only gunpowder is missing. We rise to the roof of the house and take away the funnel, hand torch and rocket. We use the drill on the rocket in the inventory and get the missing ingredient for the coffee mixture. We use a sponge on a pot of water and go outside. We go to the car in the first location and wash the windshield. We examine it and remember what lies inside the car. We return to Hannek and answer his questions correctly. We introduce ourselves as Sweet Tooth and indicate our favorite pink color in a conversation, and choose ballet as our main hobby. The car keys will be in inventory. We go back and open the door. We use the lever, lift the hood up and use the drill on the engine.

We move to Tony’s store, to the only place where Rufus did not have time to visit. After a little dialogue, we try to pick up the brown coupons from the counter, but this will anger Tony, who will then begin to meditate. We climb into the jar with hooks and get the key to the first aid kit in the girl’s house. Before leaving, we use a coffee grinder and put three items from the list inside to get coffee powder. Combine the inflated balloon with a hook and go to Tony’s house. Open the first aid kit and get a sedative. We return to the house to Monogram and toss the ball with a hook into the firebox in the kitchen. We go out into the street and push the pipe, and then we pull the lever. After a short video, we return to a friend’s house and go down to the basement. As soon as Monogram leaves the house, we take the biolocator and go outside.

We return to the city hall. The line has reached Rufus, so you can go into the office. We talk with the mayor and open the globe. We take away the glass and use the biological locator on the sign with a droplet on the table. We find the key that we use on the keyhole in the globe and take the bottle of whiskey in the secret cabinet. In the inventory we use alcohol on the glass and get the purest water. We re-use the biolocator on the watermark and find the planet’s magnetic field under the pillow.

We mix clean water with bull’s blood and get a life-giving drink, and then we return to the car and fill a glass with acid. Now all the ingredients for the coffee have been obtained, so go to the bar to Lonzo and use the items on the coffee machine. We get espresso and follow to Goal in the meeting room. Dr. Gizmo will not allow the use of the medicine, so we light the boxes in the closet with a manual burner, and then we steal the stethoscope. We put it in the mayor’s pocket and watch him swear with Gizmo. We use a funnel and coffee on the girl and watch a small video.

post office

Goal will ask Rufus to contact her fiancé Clitus for a reward. To do this, you will have to use the mail, but the guard in the city hall does not let the hero inside without a watch. On the way at the rescue station we inflate one more balloon and use it on the parrot, which will be knocked out and will be in Rufus’s inventory. We pass into the meeting room in which the mayor sleeps. We take away his watch, raise the funnel from the floor and grab the microphone from the podium. We leave into the corridor and put the clock in place. Now access to the post office is open, but the hero will need postal coupons.

In the inventory we connect the sedative, the dart and the funnel, and we use the resulting blowpipe on the open window near Tony’s store. We pick up the postage coupons when the girl falls asleep and return to the post office. We talk with the robot and in the dialogue, be sure to choose the “bore” option: the robot will tell you that it likes to pop bubbles of the packaging film. We open two doors to the right of the postman’s desk and use a sedative on the left cat, and coffee on the right one. We climb onto the operator’s platform and ask the employee about the possibility of making an international call. We open the cabinet under the pigeons, put the planet’s magnetic field inside and use it. The puzzle can be skipped with a special button in the corner of the screen.

You need to move the little pigeon to the center. To do this, the location of the green circles should be exactly the same as in the picture. And you can get a suitable combination by following these steps:

  • Press 1 time on the button 3;
  • Press 2 times on button 2;
  • Press 1 time on button 1;
  • Press 2 times on button 2;
  • Press 1 time on the button 3;
  • Press 2 times on button 2;
  • Press 1 time on the button 4.

We go down to the hall to the robot and give him coupons. He will send the package, but due to what Rufus did with the kittens and pigeons, there will be a delivery error: the smallest pigeon will try to fly away with the heavy package. The box will break and a lot of bubble wrap will fall out. We walk on it three times and the robot’s program will fail, and Rufus decides to leave the postman alone

We go back and see that the robot is rolling on the film, and access to the table is free. We remove the note from the door and find the combination lock. We take spare seals from the box to the left of the counter. We attach a hint to the numbers on the board, as shown in the picture and see the correct sequence of the code. The numbers on the piece of paper suggest the number of the number in the line, and the arrows indicate their sequence. As a result, we get the code 3649. We type it on the lock and go to the store. We take away the green bird and go to the mayor’s office. We put it on the switchboard, and the guard will constantly call the next in line. We use one of the cats on the telegraph to press the button and send messages.

We bring the parrot to life with the help of espresso and take it to Tony at the store. We put him on the pole and wait for the girl to drive Rufus away. We immediately go back and take the bird, which has learned new phrases. We use the parrot on the emergency phone so that he begins to talk about the tricks of the hero. We return to the post office to the operator and pick up the headphones, which he put aside. We go down the stairs down to the storage. We use a microphone and headphones on the radio transmitter and contact Klitus. We make an appointment at the lower lift station and return for the Elysian woman.

We remove the red sheet, but the girl will not be in place. Gizmo set a trap to put Rufus in prison. The soldiers from the ship on which Goal was before the fall will also appear here, and the policeman will tell them about the whereabouts of the girl.

We use the cat in the tree to get out to freedom, and we hurry to the house to Monogram, where we find Tony in the shower. We go down to the basement after a funny conversation and find Goal in the closet. At this time, soldiers will burst into the house, so with the help of the biolocator we barricade ourselves in the basement and watch a small video.

Old railway

Once on the railroad, we go forward across the bridge, which will collapse after that. We climb into the control cabin on the right and pull the lever. Nothing will happen. We open the box and take out the broken fuse. We pass forward on the railway and get into the miner’s motorcycle. It will not be possible to start it, so we go forward to the overpass, where we get to know Doc. We continue the passage of Deponia.

Be sure to ask him about the girl and the miner’s motorcycle in the conversation. Doc will be able to repair the broken implant in Goal’s head and give the aircraft power inverter. We take away the dirty glass from the wall and we unscrew the red light bulb from the box on the right. We try to reach the key on the skeleton’s neck and tear off his leg. We drink from a bottle of whiskey. We return to the motorcycle and try to put the power inverter. Rufus will drop the item into the trash heap

We climb into the dump, where the next riddle will begin, in which it is necessary to arrange all the objects correctly. We install each part as shown in the picture and take all three inverters. We insert any battery into the motorcycle and raise the white headlight in the black box in front. We start up the device and hit the road. Returning back, use the switch over Rufus and move to the control center. We take away the red rag and follow straight. We switch the lever so that the red light above comes on.

We make another circle on the trolley and go to the old man. We wipe the bottle with whiskey with a red rag and combine the rag with alcohol and a mirror in the inventory. We insert an ordinary white light bulb into the compartment on the right, from which the red one was previously taken, and return to the trolley. In the control center, switch the lever and make another circle. We go along the tunnel to Doku and take the key from the skeleton’s neck, and in its place we install a combined mirror. We sit down in the trolley, go upstairs and open the box with a golden key. Inside we find a mount. We take away the object and, having completed the next circle, we go to the old man.

We open the box with a wrench and get a new fuse, and in its place we put any of the two remaining inverters. The skeleton will climb up and reflect white light from the light bulb through the mirror into a dark tunnel. We pass further and take away the lever and the bottle. Return to the mining bike and insert the lever into the switch box. We pull for it and move the trolley to the second track. We reach the tap and insert the fuse into place.

We use the crane, but Rufus will be too twitchy to successfully transfer Goal. We go to the overpass and ask Doc to help. While the old man is meditating, we pour alcohol into an empty bottle and look at the horizon. We return to the crane and use the leg of the skeleton on the seat in the back, peer into the horizon and choose the answer of the THIEF. Rufus will drink from the bottle, push the lever and the Elysian will be in the motorcycle. We get into the vehicle and drive through the tunnel twice to turn the motorcycle around. We rise to the control center.

Now you need to set the switches Correctly, as in the picture, to get to the Lower Lift Station:

  • Yellow lever on itself;
  • Red lever on yourself;
  • Green lever away from you;
  • Green switch at the bottom;
  • Red switch at the bottom.

If everything is chosen correctly, then Rufus will speak to Goal, and the motorcycle will travel along the correct route through the maze.

Deponia Walkthrough – Abandoned Amusement Park

We move the cabinet to the right and insert the plug into the outlet. The machine will start and get anchovy on a stick and gum in the corresponding machines. We eat both items. Switch the cotton wool lever to a phosphoric taste and use the resulting anchovy stick. We can pull the levers, but nothing happens. Rufus will just break the center lever. We pass into the next room.

Nothing can be done here yet, so we go to the lobby. We lift the stained glass on the floor, use it with chewing gum and go right to the elevator. The mechanism cannot be started. We open the janitor’s closet on the right and take away the mop, bucket and soap. We return back and through the lobby we pass into the courtyard of the tower. We collect green liquid in a bucket and combine it with soap and a mop. We wash the window in the lobby, but the mop will break. We use cotton candy on the lamp and put it in the niche on the right stained glass window.

Use the piece of glass with gum on the hole and solve the puzzle with the shards. In a fit of anger, Rufus will break the glass, behind which will be the elevator control panel. We change the password and take away the hand-held flashlight. We pick up the gum from the floor and go to the right to the elevator. We enter the password and watch a small video in which the ship of the traitors flies up to the station. Use the lever and lower the flag. We take it to ourselves and return to the lobby.

Rufus overhears Clitus’s conversation with the soldiers and learns that they need the codes from the Elysian implant. We follow the traitor to the roof. We will find out more about future plans and offer to bring Goal. On the fence near the elevator, raise the slingshot and connect it with the chewing gum in your inventory. We go downstairs, open the fuel tank cap and use the cloth from the mop. We move to the lobby and grab a small stone from the floor. Combine with a slingshot and use it on a luminous shade. In the inventory we connect the mop stick and the slingshot. We get a grip, with which we pull the broken plafond towards us. We combine an oil mop, shade and flag. The result is an impromptu Clitus costume. We talk with a soldier who will not let Rufus pass without a cartridge.

We return to the roof and ask to give the item, since the Elysian is unconscious. We go down back to the lobby, put on a suit and show the cartridge to the soldier. We follow to the machine with cotton candy, but Goal is gone. We take out a flashlight and use it on a puddle of phosphorus, the trail from which will lead behind the tower. In the process of searching, we open the decrepit gate and find a metal tube with a grate. We lift the obstacle with a hook and go down.

The path is blocked by a huge whale, so we return to the original room and take another anchovy on a stick. We use it on the phosphoric floor and connect it to the flashlight in the inventory. We go back into the pipe and hang the luminous bait on the hook from above. The whale will swim away, and Rufus can go on. Having reached the ship, we pass into the cabin and communicate with Bozo and Dok.

We take out the implant from the Elysian woman’s head and show Doku, who will advise you to clean the contacts from dust. We lift the golden key and the whisk and go outside to the locked box. We open it and examine the insides: we get a disinfectant and a steel brush.

Examining the Goal disc and solving a small puzzle:

  • We clean all parts with a brush and solvent.
  • We go through all the parts with a whisk.
  • We clean all parts with a brush from rust.

After cleaning, Rufus will return to the cabin and insert the disc into the Elysian’s head. We watch a short video, and then we leave the cabin and return to the tower through the pipe, at the exit from which we search the stack of needles. We use the received object on the whirlpool and set off on a small voyage. We crawl into the suitcase and turn the handle through the left window to open the French window. We climb out through it and take away the fork. We put our hand into the pipe with a horn and use a fork on it to lower the hood of the car.

We make our way through the new passage and take away the plush platypus under the board. We pass along it back, put the toy in place and follow forward to the crane. We climb into the cockpit and use the lever. Now the passage is open for Rufus and Goal. We observe the dialogues and go up to the roof of the tower. We choose any remarks in a conversation with Klitus and take out the traitor’s changeable clothes from the yellow suitcase. We put on a jumpsuit on Rufus and get involved in an argument between the Elysians. We ask Klitus not to make the hero laugh, grab him by his pink panties and hook them to the flagpole. When the truth about Rufus comes out and the Elysian woman asks to come closer, we take out the cartridge.

The heroes will go to another planet. In the capsule, select the second answer options and tell Goal the whole truth. Returning to the roof of the tower, we go down to the lobby and steal the chip. After reaching the elevator, Clitus will suddenly appear with a pistol and Rufus will have to give the hard drive to the traitor. After a short video in which the hero tries to escape from the soldiers, we jump on a flying drone and land in a stack of needles. In a conversation with Boz, we choose any answer option and watch the final video. This concludes the passage of Deponia.

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