What Is Demonology;5 Facts You Must Know

Demonology is the branch of religion which deals with evil spirits or demons, as distinguished from Angelo-logy, which deals with good spirits . In every religion the existence of evil spirits is recognized. The spirits or ghosts of the dead have generally been regarded with awe and fear (except in Christianity and Judaism) and worshiped or propitiated by the living, but they are to be distinguished from spirits which have never inhabited a human body, or demons proper, which are frequently associated with the powers of nature.

The distinction between good and evil spirits depends more upon the sphere of their action than upon their nature. Fire and disease are evil when they attack the individual, but beneficent when invoked against his enemies. As the idea of God progressed so that of the evil forces opposed to Him developed too. In polytheistic religions, the many gods are balanced by a multitude of demons and spirits, each often having its especial sphere assigned to it. Exorcism is an ancient and particular form of prayer, which the Church uses against the power of the devil. 

Christian demonology is the study of what the Bible teaches about demons. Christian demonology teaches us about demons, what they are, and how they attack us. Satan and his demons are fallen angels, real personal beings who war against God, the holy angels and humanity. Christian demonology helps us to be aware of Satan, his henchmen and his evil plans. 

What does the Bible say about demons? The Bible indicates that demons are fallen angels – angels who were together with Satan, rebelled against God. Satan and his demons now wish to deceive and destroy all those who follow and worship God.

What Is A Demonologist?

A demonologist is an expert who studies the demons with the intention of fighting them. They study diverse cultures, origins and beliefs, know the methods that are used for certain purposes with evil spirits.

The Demons

The demons are fallen angels, whose purpose are to execute the plans and of Satan.Demons essential mission is to influence human so that they do not reach the knowledge of God through all the resources of the world that they can use. They influence the minds of individuals, attack emotions and direct their actions through thoughts that seem natural but are really inserted to achieve specific purposes.

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