Definition of Reminder or Schedule Reminder

No matter how good and great we are at making to-do lists and marking events on the calendar, still we still find it difficult to remind ourselves in doing all the important things. Schedule reminder is a reminder that can be used by every individual in reminding the important things they have to do. On reminders or schedule reminders, we can be reminded of important things. For example, be reminded that tomorrow we will have an important work meeting or next week we will go abroad for a business trip .


Anyone can spend hours writing a shopping list that he will buy at the supermarket or a list of items that will be brought by him on a business trip. However, can they forget to bring the important list?


According to David Allen, a reminder or schedule reminder is a reminder that works to turn a pile of paper or web services into a powerful reminder system, and we can call it a “trusted system”. Unfortunately, there are so many people who don’t want to be organized and disciplined individuals. They don’t care how messy their lives are, they believe that they have the ability to know themselves well enough and this can be called a self reminder. Self reminder is an automatic reminder that exists in every individual. For example, self reminder helps us to remember that tomorrow is the first day we work at a new company.


Even though every human being has a self reminder, reminder or schedule reminder will be very functional in our lives, especially when we unconsciously forget to bring to-do-lists or other important lists.


The good news, we have another way to ensure that we can remember very important to-do lists, which we may forget to carry. How to? Over time, the reminder or schedule reminder that we make every time we try to remember something will help us to form a new habit that is better .


This is why reminders or schedule reminders are so important in our lives, because this will help us form careful habits and be detailed. In other words, a reminder or schedule reminder can keep us from being careless or clumsy.


Schedule Reminder or Reminder can Build New Habits

In the previous section, we discussed a little bit that reminders or schedule reminders can help us form new, better habits. Actually, what is meant by habit? Habits are actions or behaviors that we always do automatically without thinking about it first. For example, every morning fellow readers always wear ties. Fellow readers do not need to think about the steps on how to make a tie, because fellow readers already do this every morning, so the steps to make a tie are already in your head. After making a tie, fellow readers might go to the dining room to enjoy breakfast, pick up a briefcase, get in the car, start a vehicle, and so on. Yep, all of these sequences are included in our daily habits.


The good news, all the habits that we do every day indicate that we already have a set of productivity habits that have been built up during our lifetime. However, the problem is not all habits that we do are good habits, there must also be some bad habits that we do. Maybe there are some very unproductive habits that we often do .


The second problem, it is not easy for us to change bad habits and start new, better habits. However, when we try to apply good habits (new) repeatedly and consistently in a long time, then the new habits that are better will become a new habit that is more productive and more positive.


The same is true when we make reminders or schedule reminders. When we use reminders or schedule reminders on a regular basis, we automatically become an organized and reflex person to be a very thorough individual. In other words, we will start researching and checking important things, even without the presence of reminders or schedule reminders. Reminder or schedule reminder can encourage self reminder that we have and help us to create new habits, and form a more organized life.


Schedule Reminder or Reminder can be a Good Trigger to Keep Us from Careless Attitudes.

What are triggers? Triggers are all things that we allow to be present “in our lives” and encourage us to do something. In other words, a trigger is something that makes us successful at doing something. For example, what triggers someone to eat? The answer, because hunger has triggered him to immediately eat a filling meal. Another example, when we have to carry a laptop bag to the office, usually we will put it next to our briefcase. So, we have a reminder or reminder as a trigger that reminds us to bring a laptop bag to the office.


In addition, reminders or schedule reminders can be triggers that lead us to success by avoiding careless attitudes. For example, we make a reminder or schedule reminder one hour before the presentation with the client begins. This schedule reminder will trigger us to get ready and try to give the best presentation . In essence, everything that attracts our attention and reminds us to do something is a very good trigger. Another core, reminder or schedule reminder is really very useful for the discipline of our lives.


How Can Making Schedule Reminders Really Work for Us? 

Computers and all software connected to the internet can enable us to create reminders or schedule reminders. For example, desktop software like Outlook will display reminders or schedule reminders on our desktop screen.


Reminder or schedule reminder not only can help us in building new habits better, but this can also help us in remembering things that are very important, which may be far more important than a habit.


For example, a reminder or schedule reminder will be very useful for diabetics who need to take their insulin, HIV patients whose treatment must be done in a timely manner, and so forth.


In this case, we can set all the reminders or schedule reminders into our cellphones or the software we normally use. Thus, no reminder or reminder of a forgotten schedule.


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