Data mining to improve HR processes

Following up on our article ” Technological Trends in Recruitment Processes ” we continue to discover new technological applications for the Human Resources field.

If you have seen the movie Moneyball , (if not, we recommend it) you will know that the plot revolves around two coaches who build a baseball team made up of undervalued talents using an approach based solely on the study of statistical data on the players , instead of doing it through experience and intuition (which was the traditional method).

Recently, at the RH Asia summit, a success story was presented to Circles.Life, a Singapore-based company that is applying this system to its Human Resources processes.

“We identify our objectives, break them down into their principles and discover what we need to achieve”

This methodology is called “Data science”, a multidisciplinary field that uses specialized methods, processes, algorithms and software to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data.

Many companies internationally are acquiring and analyzing data that allows them to make strategic decisions through a database fueled by user interactions and preferences, widely used in marketing, but it is a completely new approach for Human Resources.

“We are asked this question many times – What data are we using and what is its purpose? Data Science is not designed to follow you, but to make your experience easier and more personalized”

The goal of data analysis is to keep employees empowered and interested, if something is not working within the organization it will manifest itself in the data.

This raises the question of how valid it is to acquire user data, this data is being used for the benefit of the organization and the employees themselves, reducing internal friction and accelerating work processes, only the future will give us a sample of how valid – and legal – is this data collection.

Data mining has enabled Human Resources to carry out predictive hires, generation of very specific profiles, and obviously this is reflected in the accelerated growth of these organizations and the happiness of their employees.


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